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Little Red Riding hood Vol.3

Posted about about 2 months ago by SuperShark49

This blog is about a story that I came up with.

Little Red Riding Hood Volume. 3
Red was running away from the wolf when she heard a blood curdling howl echo through the forest. Suddenly she could hear rustling in the trees around her. She picked up a long stick with her trembling hands. Suddenly a big furry object jumped at Red. Red tried to smack it with the stick but it was too late. The creature was about to take a bite out of Red, but out of nowhere an eagle came and picked up the creature with its strong legs and dropped it into a tree. The eagle dive bombed towards the ground but just as it was about to hit the ground it morphed into a lion. The lion said, “Hop on” and Red jumped onto the lion and they were off. The shadows that had surrounded Red were actually wolves, and they weren’t happy that their dinner had just been snatched from them. The wolves chased the lion but the lion would swerve this way and that and soon all the wolves ceased their chase for Red. Shortly after narrowly avoiding the wolves the lion came to a stop in front of a massive tree. Red took this as a cue to get off. The lion morphed into a human and chanted something Red couldn’t hear. The tree started to move aside and revealed a secret passage. Red was so stunned she stood there frozen. The human asked her to come inside and Red politely accepted after she got over her state of shock. As they travelled deeper into the Earth Red saw many people living underground morphing between animals. There were a few children who were wrestling each other in the form of jaguars. She asked the human what his name was. He said, “ My name is and I am the leader of a lost tribe.” We have the power to change between animals. The children are practising how to morph between jungle animals. We are forced to live underground because the humans have slaughtered our kind and they have treated us like outcasts. I saved you because I have been spying on you for a long time and I know that you hate humans because they treat you like an outcast and they are jealous of your knowledge.