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5 Terrific family movies for free on Prime and Disney Plus!

Posted about about 2 months ago by SuperShark49

Bored? Here are some great family movies to watch tonight
1 .Onward!
This exciting movie is about two brothers who use a very powerful crystal to bring their dad back to life. As they use the spell only half of their dad is brought back. Join these two troublemakers on a quest to bring back their father.

2. Ender's Game
If you like movies about spaceships and aliens this is the perfect movie for you. This movie is a mix of sci-fi and action. It isn't like star wars and it isn't to bland either. A young hero decides to take upon the responsibility of exterminating an entire species.

3. Birbal Trioligy
This mystery movie is about how a genius lawyer helps to prove an innocent framed man is not guilty of the murder. He uses his smartness to catch the real criminal.

4. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2
This hilarious movie is very interesting. It is about a young scientist who has invented a machine that turn water into food. His role model is another brilliant scientist who founded a large company known as Live Corp. During the movie the main character realizes that not everyone he trusts is on his side.

5. Beauty and the Beast
This movie isn't here yet on Disney Plus. It will be available on April 21. This heartwarming tale is about a young woman and a large beast. The young woman must help him to break a fateful curse that has been placed upon the beast.