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Little Red Riding Hood Vol. 4

Posted about about 1 month ago by SuperShark49

Red was hypnotized by the lost tribe's leader. She was getting sleepier and sleepier with each word he said. Soon she was fast asleep. Little did she know that the lost tribe were going to enchant her and use her to take over the world. Red found herself on a small fishing boat with an elderly man in front of her. Red gazed around wondering where she was. All around her there was thick fog obstructing her view. Red looked down into the water and what she saw horrified her. Surrounding her were hordes of corpses laying flat on their backs. She saw a little girl who was clutching a doll. The little girl's eyes made it clear that she was dead. Red let out a terrifying scream. Red was about to close her eyes when she thought she saw one of the bodies move. Suddenly all the carcasses started to disappear and in a blink of an eye Red was whisked into a different setting. Red found herself in a village where many people were moving about doing their jobs. She saw some children playing with a ball, and she also saw a little girl who was playing with a small doll. Red was wandering around the village aimlessly when she saw her parents buying fruits. She ran towards them expecting them to do the same but when she tried to hug them she just ran right through them. Red tried to talk to them, but they couldn’t hear her. Red realized that nobody could see or hear her. She understood that this was all what had happened before everyone was murdered. She heard a loud sound echo through the village. All the villagers started to panic, and they all started to flee. Her thoughts were interrupted when a large stampede of bulls charged toward the villagers. Once the bulls got close to a person they would morph into a lion and kill their victim. Red was horrified by the massacre. She realized that the bulls were actually the lost tribe. As Red helplessly watched the innocent villagers being ruthlessly killed by the lost tribe she decided to avenge her parents death by killing each one of the lost tribe.