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Posted about 4 months ago by Teen_Blogger

This is my first blog and I’m so excited to tell you about my holiday to the beautiful city of Marrakesh!
I mostly enjoyed going to the Médina Market when you can find all fake designer bags, clothes and etc. I went with my mum , dad and 2 crazy siblings and we bought loads of funky stuff from the market but be warned you have to bargain with the shops and the prices are sometimes ridiculous! We were lucky that my dad bartered to the limit and we managed to buy the stuff for half the price! It normally cost about 200 Morrocon Dhirams from our hotel to the market but it was defiantly worth it. I would highly recommend the market because no doubt that I love fashion.

I would also recommend the hotel I stayed that which was Eden Andalou, Aquapark and Spa because it met all my requirements and it was also a 5* hotel. It was clean and had a water park attached to it. Being a fussy eater I did have a bit of an issue with the food variety because it wasn’t like England and I get that every country is different meaning different foods!

I would also recommend the nearest waterfalls because it was just absolutely stunning. It cost about 600 Dhirams in a private taxi for the whole day plus 100 Dhirams for a tour guide to take us to the top of the mountains to see the beginning of the waterfalls.

I also did quad biking for an hours experience which was a phenomenal experience. This cost around 350 Dhirams for the whole hour. The obstacles I faced were going down the slope in the stony desert with little rivers all over! I would love to do it again.

If you would love to know more about this please message me and I’ll respond.

Thanks for reading!
Bye until next time

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