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Super Nintendo Land is Coming to Japan! Here is What To Expect!

Posted about about 2 months ago by TheCrazyKid

Super Nintendo World is an upcoming theme park area under construction at Universal Studios Japan, Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal's Epic Universe. The theme park is based on Nintendo video game franchises such as Super Mario. There are plans to bring Super Nintendo World to Universal Studios Singapore, but no time frame has been announced. The lack of space might also be of concern.[9] There are also plans to bring Nintendo attractions to Universal Studios Hollywood, but no other information is known. Construction work has started in the northwestern part of the park. Rides will differ across each instance of the park.

Mario Kart Ride: This ride will feature two tracks that run side by side, so it’ll feel like you’re racing the other car. It is said to be a bus bar dark ride, meaning the ride vehicle cars will get their power from the track itself. A bus bar ride system is one of the most popular types of indoor ride systems. Classic Fantasy land-style dark rides like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride utilise variations of a bus bar system. The version for Mario Kart may be a more robust variation, but it is expected to still utilise a track, so this is not expected to be a trackless ride.

Yoshi Ride: The Yoshi ride will be an omnimover style attraction, meaning the ride vehicles will always be moving, in a long continuous loop, around the track. Although, unlike most Disney omnimovers, the ride vehicles will not rotate to point you in different directions, (meaning it’s not technically an omnimover, more like a continuous ride belt system, but I digress).

There will be more than 40 ride vehicles on the track at a time, with more than a dozen at the load/unload platform alone. The load/unload platform will be a turntable style, similar to the load area for Spaceship Earth at Epcot. Guests will load and unload on a moving walkway that is rotating at the same speed as the ride vehicles.

All credits go to Orlando Park Stop and Wikipedia