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Red Starburst Extravaganza

Posted about 4 months ago by thetreebranch

Back, a long, long time ago in year 3, I was walking along the sidewalk to go home when I came across a red starburst wrapper, lying on the ground. Confused, and also hoping there was still a starburst inside, I picked it up and put it in my mouth. This ended up being a terrible decision, because 1) it was covered in rocks and dirt, and 2) there was NO starburst inside, so i felt disappointment like a ton of bricks falling onto my kneecaps. So overcome with sadness, I fell to the ground, and started sobbing. My yellow high-top sneakers got ruined, covered in mud from the sidewalk and my tears. I learned that day that I should never try to eat a starburst again, lest I be traumatized by the lack of candy, or get flashbacks of this event.

This is my story.