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My day at universal

Posted about 4 months ago by unicorngirl08

Hello friends! I’m finally making another blog post! Well this one is mainly about my day today. I was at universal theme park Orlando. I had so much fun! When we got there we first went to islands of adventure. In islands of adventures we first went to Seuss landing, it’s part of islands of adventure. There was a bunch of doctor Seuss themed rides. The first one we went on was a cat in the hat ride. You went in and you sat down. It made you feel like you were in the cat in the hat movie! It made me feel crazy! In part of it it made you feel like your were in another dimension! It was crazy! Next we went on the caraseussal! I know! Crazy name! Well it was a carassol but it was doctor Seuss themed. After that went went to the ride called one fish two fish red fish blue fish. But the wait time was 40 minutes! So we waited for that one. After that we went to Harry Potter! There was a candy shop, the three broomsticks restaurant, and so much more! My favorite part about the Harry Potter was getting to try butterbear! It was delicious! It didn’t have alcohol in it. It tasted like vanilla! With a butterscotch cream on top. I didn’t think I would like it but I loved it! It was so good! Then we took the hogwarts express to the universal park! I honestly really liked that a lot, when we got Tovar’s the park we saw only big rides so we headed to the shops. At one of them we met the minions! We also got collectable penny bracelets! We also found the penny machines all over the park.

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