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Posted about about 2 months ago by Wengie07

So we all know covid-19 or coronavirus. This is NOT a topic to joke about but don't think so negative too. Like everyone on here you ARE to young to die this only affects elderly and old adults such as Queen Elizabeth (she already has it). But don't go panicking and buying hand sanitizer and toilet paper because that will NOT change the situation. If your country hasn't, it WILL go on lockdown like mine. This means you can only leave your house for food supply and work. I recommend you stay home when you can. I'm sure most of you are taking online classes by now. Because I'm sure A LOT of schools are closed. But don't just think about yourself in this situation. Think about other relatives such as cousins,aunts, grandparents etc. I hope everyone is safe at home and isn't struggling, but many people are the best advice I could give anyone right now would to stay safe and take care. Love y'all
Ciao! Wengie