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Now I Understand

Posted about 22 days ago by Zborne

I have read the Harry Potter series many times and I must finally admit that Dumbledore really is more evil.I mean he sends Harry to his uncle and aunt knowing that they hate magic and anything affiliated with it.I can't understand why Dumble"dork" did not even think of checking on Harry?He saves Snape after the fall of Voldemort when he knew that Snape was once evil while he does not even try to have Sirius Black be given a fair trial knowing that Sirius never did a bad thing in his life.Hermione really is a very jealous person as she gets jealous of Harry when he gets better grades than her and she is really bossy and tries to be a miss-no-it-all.Malfoy sets the ground for the Deatheaters invading Hogwarts but is still forgiven.Lupin never thinks of visiting Harry and suddenly pops up in the 3rd book and still takes time before getting to know Harry.Ron is a conceited jerk who only cares about two things food and why is he in the shadow of the boy who lived.Moving on I can't seem to understand that how come three 17 year old s are able to bring down more death eaters than the whole auror force.Why are students of Hogwarts more able to fight Voldemort than the rest of the whole wizarding world?Why is the whole of slytherin house portrayed as a house of "slimy snake'?Why does Hermione not stop bothering house elves when they do not want to be set free?Harry is able to talk to snakes but why does he not talk to the basilisk?They have veritaserum;a truth potion yet they do not use it in trials to know who is good and who is evil?