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Quiz The Coach

Got questions about fitness, gym class, injuries, pro athletes or anything else that's related to sports? Quiz the Coach - he's got answers to all your questions

Sports Quizzes

Quiz! Which Friend Are You?

Friends is in its tenth and final season so you're bound to know tons about the gang. But do you know which Friend you are most like...

Quiz! Who's Your Valentine's Sports Crush?

Take Kidzworld's Valentine's Day-inspired Sports Crush Quiz and find out which female athlete is your perfect match.

Quiz! What's Your Artistic Style?

Your art says a lot about your personality (we bet you wonder what it's saying). Find out right here!

Quiz! Who's That Baseball Star?

Play online sports trivia and test your knowledge of your fave homerun hitters with the Who's That Baseball Star Quiz!

Test Your Cartoon Theme Song Trivia!

If you find yourself humming and singing along to all your fave toons, then take Kidzworld's cartoon theme song quiz!

Latest Sports

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Kidzworlds got some baseball tips from the pros. Improve your batting average by using this advice and practicing these drills!

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The Kidzworld Coach has all your sports and fitness advice. This week we teach you how to catch a football.

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Kdzworld offers kids fitness advice on how to easily improve your abs. We give your tips on working out.

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You spend enough time juggling school, friends, and family stuff to worry about going to the gym. Whats a health-conscious girl to do? Were taking a look at an exercise DVD series that claims to have some answers.

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Kidzworlds got some free sports and fitness advice on hazing in high school sports.

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Kidzworld looks at the fall sport cross country running. We give you tips and advice on how to get involved with the sport.

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