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Kidzworld's Top Five Card Games of 2007!

Apr 22, 2016

The year 2007 is coming to a screaming halt and then 2008 should start. If it doesn't, panic, but - in the meantime - here's a list of Gary's pics for Kidzworld's Top Five Card Games of 2007! These games are the ones to get your hands on if you're looking for something fun to play with your friends, and in the case of the first one, for something a little more. New this year is a big push to take card games online and two of the winners do just that. Check 'em out here.

#5. Xeko Mission: Indonesia Card Game

Check out Kidzworld's Top Five Card Games of 2007! Recycled materials in the packaging, money from each sale donated to environmental charities, and it's a fun game too: The Xeko Mission card game challenges you to join the plant and animal ecosystem, learning about the animals from different regions of the world as you battle for survival. And don't forget the way-cute and uber-soft "hairy-eared dwarf lemur" eco-friendly soy silk plushie!

#4. ​MapleStory iTCG

Check out Kidzworld's Top Five Card Games of 2007! This game turns the hugely popular MapleStory online game into a way-too-cute card game. It let's you battle as the fantasy hero of your choice, unleashing attacks, monsters, spells and items on your friends. It's a a blast! Especially since each starter comes with the online game on a CD and each booster has a web code to unlock free game prizes! Sounds awesome? It is!

#3. Bella Sara Card Game

Check out Kidzworld's Top Five Card Games of 2007! Horses, horses and more horses! The Bella Sara card game of collectible horses features dozens of cards, each with a horse and a positive message to brighten your day. Not only that, each card has a code that lets you unlock the card in your account at BellaSara.com. It's a smash hit that came from the Netherlands and now, with celebs like Ashley Tisdale and Hayden Panettiere showing their love for the game, it's all over the world! Not only that, the packs are super cheap and make great Christmas stocking stuffers. *hint* *hint*

#2. Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: Secret Wonders Card Game

Check out Kidzworld's Top Five Card Games of 2007! The Pokemon card game got a facelift with the release of the first Pokemon Diamond & Pearl set with cleaner rules and new Pokemon powers. However, it took until the Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: Secret Wonders set for it to really cut loose with a Pokeball full of awesome! This new set not only has a heap of great cards that let you get the jump on your opponent, it also has two excellent Theme Decks that are a great way for new players to get started on their collection.

#1. Magic: the Gathering: Lorwyn Card Game

Check out Kidzworld's Top Five Card Games of 2007!Elves, goblins, fairies and more classic fantasy creatures are at your command in the new Lorwyn set for the Magic: the Gathering card game! This new set is loaded with cards that power-up tons of other cards. They're fun, powerful, combine with almost any old deck to make it stronger and are a great way to be able to add some awesome cards to your game without having to spend a fortune to get every single card. It's also perfect for adding to the newly-released Magic Duel Decks: Elves vs. Goblins!

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