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Pokemon Card Game: Diamond and Pearl Secret Wonders

Reviewed by on Dec 06, 2007
Rating: 4 Star Rating

The new Pokemon card game set is here! Secret Wonders has surprising new powers and Pokemon with items! We review it.

Exploring the Sinnoh region in the new Pokemon Diamond and Pearl expansions for the Pokemon Card Game lets you dig up a heap of goodies in the new Secret Wonders expansion set! This set is ready to surprise you with new powers, Pokemon items and two new Theme Decks - Lavaflow and Powerhouse. Gary shuffled his way through the new cards and here's his Pokemon card game review.

Pokemon TCG: Secret Wonders - Surprising New Cards!

This new set has 130 Pokemon cards to collect, including new LV.X cards, new item-carrying Pokemon, the new male Kirlia evolution Gallade, and a bunch of new powers. The big thing about the new powers is that a lot of them let you surprise your opponent with lots of Pokemon/Energy movement. Like Arcanine who can evolve from Growlithe, dash into active position, grab all your active Pokemon's energy cards and unleash a 120-point attack all before your opponent can do anything. Wow!

Pokemon TCG: Lavaflow Theme Deck Review

Fire and Leaf Pokemon team up to put the smackdown on your opponent. With strong attacks from Magmortar and Arcanine, plus healing from Venusaur, this deck has attack and defense. It also has some solid card-drawing to get you the Pokemon you need. Finally, with Bulbasaur and Charmander in the set, it's full of classic Pokemon everybody loves!

Lavaflow Thumbs Up:

  • Powerful basic Pokemon.
  • Lots of ways to draw cards.
  • Charmander and Charmeleon!
  • Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Venusaur!
  • Strong attacks and abilities!
  • Lavaflow Thumbs Down:

  • Nothing really.
  • Lavaflow Theme Deck Rating: 5

    Pokemon TCG: Powerhouse Theme Deck Review

    Fighting and Electric Pokemon are the name of the game in this hyper-aggressive deck. It's loaded with explosive ways to blow your opponent's Pokemon into tiny pieces with Voltorb, Electabuzz and Ampharos. It also has some excellent card-drawing powers. Unfortunately, a lot of the attacks damage your Pokemon, or wipe out their energy cards so they can't attack. Play carefully and you'll be able to rock your opponent, but you need some skill with this deck.

    Powerhouse Thumbs Up:

  • Powerful basic Pokemon.
  • Lots of ways to draw cards.
  • Excellent new Trainer cards.
  • Strong attacks and abilities!
  • Powerhouse Thumbs Down:

  • Too many attacks that make you discard energy cards!
  • Some attacks damage your Pokemon.
  • Powerhouse Theme Deck Rating: 4

    Pokemon TCG: Secret Wonders - Weak or Wow?

    There are a ton of strong basic Pokemon in this set, lots of cool "BOOM! You're toast!" abilities and some old Pokemon with new powers. That makes it solid, and fun to play - plus the Theme Decks rock! They have Bulbasaur, Charmander and more - all in strong decks. Grab 'em, heck grab two! They're fantastic for new players.

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