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Dance Dance Revolution :: PS2 Game Review

Dec 27, 2006

Rather than sitting on your butt twiddling your thumbs while enemies bounce on the screen, Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) gets you on your feet dancing. It takes the controls out of your hands and puts them beneath your feet. Once the beat starts boppin' start your feet hoppin'. Hit the buttons beneath you, to match the arrows on the screen. Everything starts off slow, with a left-foot here and a right-foot there, but before you know it you'll be hopping back and forth like a bunny on a sugar-high.

Dance Dance Revolution Moves Your Feet!

More than just getting you on your feet and moving DDR puts you in the middle of the action. You're the hero, you're the star. An awesome perk is that DDR will turn you from tubby to toned in no time. It's totally easy to trim off the pounds with DDR from Konami. You can even buy the home version so you can keep the beat at home. Hit the arcades and dance up a storm once or twice a week and before you know it you'll be in tip-top shape.

Dance Dance Revolution Crazy Game Options

You can even play it multiplayer by dragging a friend out to the arcade with you. Each of you can hop on a control pad and dance to the beat of your fave tunes. If you feel like showing off your mad dancing skills, tackle both control pads by yourself.

Dance Dance Revolution Final Word

Check out your arcade and bust a move. If you're a real pro you can even take your act to a championship and score some prizes with your moves.

How hard is Dance Dance Revolution?

It's hard to learn the moves but you can pick your difficulty level.

Dance Dance Revolution Age Rating:

Dance Dance Revolution Thumbs Up:

  • Great exercise!
  • You can compete for prizes.

  • Dance Dance Revolution Thumbs Down:

  • It's awkward your first few times.

  • Dance Dance Revolution Game Rating:

    Are you a party animal? and tell us about your latest dance moves.

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