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Boys vs Girls in Sports

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
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So who are better athletes - guys or girls? Kidzworld looks at some famous showdowns between girls and guys in sports. A look at differences between men and women in sports.

Serena Williams serves the ball even faster than Andre Agassi on some days. But Shaq dunks the ball better than anyone from the WNBA ever could. So who are better athletes - guys or girls? Or are they just better at different sports? Kidzworld looks at some famous showdowns between girls and guys in sports.

Girls vs. Boys in Sports - Famous Showdowns

  • At the 2005 Indy 500, Danica Patrick finished fourth - the highest finish ever for a female racecar driver. Some drivers, like Robby Gordon, claimed Patrick had an unfair advantage in the race because she only weighs 100 pounds, making her car lighter and faster.
  • On May 14, 2005, Katie Brownell of Oakfield, New York became the first girl in Little League Baseball to throw a perfect game. She was so dominant that she struck out all 18 batters (all of them boys) she faced in the six-inning victory.
  • Sonya Thomas, also known as The Black Widow, has defeated bigger and stronger men in several high profile competitive eating matches. She holds the world record for eating asparagus, cheesecake, hard-boiled eggs and several other foods.
  • In 2003, Annika Sorenstam competed in a PGA tour against a field of male golfers but failed to qualify for the final two rounds. Teenage golf star, Michelle Wie, says she hopes to one day compete regularly on the PGA tour.
  • In September, 1973, 29 year-old Billie Jean King played 55 year-old Bobby Riggs in a tennis match billed as the Battle of the Sexes. The much younger and faster, Billie Jean King, easily defeated Riggs in three straight sets.
  • 1Obviously boys are better at just about everything. It's complete nature that they are. Sure some girls are better than some boys, but the best boy is always better than the best girl. That's just the way the world works. Even in dancing, there are few of them but the boys are better. Why do you think no one watches women sports? It's been said that a state champion boys HIGH SCHOOL soccer team could beat the U.S. women's soccer team from the World Cup. That's just how things work.
    Feedback From:
    Nickname: girly cowgal

    1I grew up around boys so I play a lot of sports. I play basketball, football, baseball, soccer and kickball. They're all boy games and none of the boys I play with seem to mind. Every time I played, it was like girls against boys and we girls won like every time.
    Feedback From:
    Nickname: i_luv_romeo

    1Girls can be just as good as guys at any sport. Sure, some guys are better than some girls but girls are equal to guys. Just because most girls dress up and put lipstick and make-up on doesn't mean that they are so delicate! A lot of girls are better than guys at some sports. I have a friend who can beat guys' butts at skateboarding. Also, did you know that some guys' favorite sport is cheerleading?! Doesn't seem so girly anymore, does it?
    Feedback From:
    Nickname: spoofysport14

    1You don't need to be talkin' bout girls like that. Boys might be good at some sports but not better. Boys just act like they're the stuff because they can play all them sports. Boys aren't better at everything. I never see any boys playing volleyball and some boys do dance.
    Feedback From:
    Nickname: BabyGyrl2001

    1I think girls and boys are equal because they either get buried or burnt when they are dead.
    Feedback From:
    Nickname: scope89

    1 No one should say that girls are better than boys and boys are better than girls because it's not true. Different people do different sports their way. I mean look at it this way. Shaq can dunk better than anyone in the NBA but because he plays the sport. How do you think he'd look going out there playing tennis and Venus Williams plays tennis how do you think she'd look dunkin' a ball? I'm saying that what they do they practice for it and it probably wouldn't look right for them to suddenly change what sport they play because everyone is used to seeing them play the sports they play now.
    Feedback From:
    Nickname: scope89

    1 I think that guys and girls need to just cool it. I mean, yeah some guys are better at basketball than some girls, but I have a friend that could kick some of our best varsity boys' butts! She is awesome. Some guys are better at certain sports and some girls are better at certain sports, and personally I agree with scope89 "..girls and boys are equal because they either get buried or burnt when they are dead."
    Feedback From:
    Nickname: peaches19

  • What do you think? Who's better at sports - girl or boys? Or are they just as good? to Kidzworld.
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