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Sara Paxton Superhero Movie Interview

Apr 21, 2016

By: Sindy

Sara Paxton stars in the new comedy Superhero Movie. Kidzworld had a chance to talk to this busy, young actress.

Sindy: Hi Sara! Nice to talk to you again. You've been pretty busy lately! Can you tell us about your new flick, Superhero Movie?
Sara Paxton: Yeah! It's basically by the same people who did Airplane, Naked Gun and all the Scary Movies. It's a comedy, obviously, but it's based around all the Superhero movies. It's mostly spoofing Spiderman, so the main character is the Dragonfly and I'm like the Mary Jane character, Jill Johnson.

Sindy: What was it like on set? Any crazy stories?
Sara Paxton: It was really fun on set! Even though there was a script, we wouldn't really stick to it. We'd do a couple takes of the script version, and then the director and producer would get all of these funny ideas and want to do this or try this and they had me doing all sorts of funny things. It was kind of hard to keep a straight face.

Sindy: I bet! You're turning 20 this year, how do you think your career will change as you get older?
Sara Paxton: I don't know, it's weird. Even though I'm turning 20, I'll go meet with producers and they'll say "You look too young for the part", and then I'll go audition the next day and they'll say "You look way too old." I don't know what's going to happen. I'm pretty open to anything, but I'm actually going to South Africa soon to film my first pretty adult role. It's a serious movie called Last House on the Left.

Sindy: I know you sang on Aquamarine and Darcy's Wild Life. Are hoping to release another CD soon?
Sara Paxton: Yeah, well I had a CD when I was younger and you can still buy the songs on iTunes, but now that I'm older I want to get back into music, but I want to be in more control of the album and the songs. I've been writing a lot and pretty much once a week I've been sitting in a room with my producer and picking out entries from my journal and turning them into songs. I'm actually writing a song for Superhero Movie right now, so hopefully that'll be on the soundtrack.

Sindy: Cool. How do you balance the music and the acting?
Sara Paxton: It's weird, because sometimes when you're acting it can be a little frustrating. I mean I love acting and it's my top priority, but sometimes you have so many ideas and things you want to do but you're not the boss. After I've spent the whole week doing that it's nice to do change it up and be in control of the whole creative process.

Sindy: What advice would you give to kids who want to act or sing?
Sara Paxton: Well, the way I did it was just to start taking acting classes because they're really fun and you get to work on your skill. Before you start looking for agents and managers you already have a head start because you have some technique down. As long as you're having fun keep doing it, and the second it stops being fun, don't do it any more. It's going to be hard and it's going to be difficult. I've heard 'no' so many times in my life, it's unbelievable, but there's always one yes for every 100 noes. So keep on going, keep trying, keep on following your dream.

Sindy: Thanks Sara. We can't wait to see you in Superhero Movie!

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