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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Boss Guide :: PSP Cheats

Mar 28, 2008

The action-packed Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII game for the Sony PSP lets you play an exciting adventure that leads up to the classic Final Fantasy VII video game. It's an epic adventure with cool bosses, lots of mega-huge bosses that will stomp you flat, steal your lunch and laugh at you! If you want to beat them, you'll need some help from Cheat Street. And here it is - boss walkthroughs for the first six bosses! Check it out and don't forget to come back next week for the next six and all the game cheats, codes, secrets, hints, tips and walkthroughs to help you beat your fave games!

Boss One: Behemoth

This brute is pretty simple. Run around behind it and smack it in the butt to do critical damage. Take two or three swings then guard because it'll slap you around with its tail. If you don't block the tail you'll take heavy damage and get tossed around. When it's done with the tail attacks, hit it two or three times then guard again. Keep this up until you win!

Boss Two: Two Minotaurs

Beating these two monsters is pretty similar to the first battle. Get behind one and hit it two or three times, then guard. Keep an eye on the second one or it could sneak up on you and slap you around. Focus on one until you beat it, then beat the other. As soon as the battle is over, heal!

Boss Three: Ifrit

This great big fire monster is a beast, but he's kinda clumsy! Focus on dodging or blocking his attacks and you won't take much damage. Blast him with ice magic for extra damage or hack at him with your sword when you have a clear shot. His Hellfire attack will toast more than half your health so make sure you keep yourself healed or he'll roast you!

Boss Four: Robo-Spider

This big robot boss can stun you with its attacks, so make sure you block, block and block some more! When you have a clear shot, hit it with lightning magic for mega damage, or just poke it with your sword. As long as you don't get stunned much you'll be able to beat it.

Boss Five: Bahamut

Blocking = your best friend because this boss hits hard. When you get a chance to attack, take two slashes then start blocking. If you get hurt, heal - keep your HP as full as possible or its Mega-Flare attack will take you out in one shot. If it flies off, start blocking and run like heck when it comes in for a landing. This fight will take a while but if you keep cool you'll win!

Boss Six : Genesis

At last, an easy fight! This guy will launch a flurry of attacks at you, block them and then start whacking him when he's done. You'll be able to hit him with a bunch of attacks before he starts another combo so you can do some solid damage. Keep it up, he doesn't have too many HP so you can clobber him fairly easily.

Come back next week for the 411 on beating more Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII bosses!

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