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Your Worst Sports Injuries

Dec 27, 2006

Injuries are an unfortunate and sometimes extremely painful part of participating in sports. Bumps, bruises, a little road rash and twisted ankles are the most common injuries - but sometimes a nasty spill can cause more serious carnage. From wipeouts in the halfpipe to collisions on dirtbikes, Kidzworld members share stories of their worst and most painful sports injuries.

Halfpipe Hell

The worst injury I had was when I was riding my BMX in a halfpipe and attempted a backflip. It didn't go all that well. I had a broken arm in two places and I also broke three ribs and tore some ligaments. They hurt like hell. I don't BMX anymore - I'm too scared to get back on a bike.
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That's What Helmets Are For

One time I was skating at my uncle's and there was this huge, STEEP hill and I thought I could go down it. I did and I crashed and got knocked out. I had a concussion and my fingers, elbows, knees and the back of my head were all torn up. My uncle is a paramedic, so luckily I didn't have to go to the hospital.
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Nothing Humorous About A Broken Humerous

I was out with a bunch of my friends riding dirtbikes and on the second day out there I almost died. I was riding on a dirtroad to go hit some trails with my friends and I was riding into a bunch of dust and I saw a quad coming the other way so I slammed on my brakes. I was sliding sideways when the quad hit my right side going about one-hundred miles per hour. That is really fast. I don't remember any of this but my friends said that my right leg was crossed over my head. I had a broken femur and my right humerous was broken in half. I also had three broken ribs and a collapsed lung. We were out in the middle of the desert with no phones, no nothing. Finally, the helicopter came and took me to the hospital and I had to get emergency surgery. I had to get a bunch of titanium in my leg with two screws and three rods. It was very painful.
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Kickflip Crash

When I was on holiday, there was this wooden hill that we were skating down with sand at the bottom. I was trying to kickflip off the end of it and when I was going down I slipped and flew off. I got a cut and a bruise on my nose, a bruise the size of a soccerball on my hip, a bruise on my other hip, a cut on my knee and three cuts and a bruise on my left arm. That happened on wood. Imagine what would have happened on concrete? From now on, I always wear a helmet when I skate.
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Soccer Slam

I was playing soccer on a cement court at school and slid to steal the ball from one of my friends. But I threw myself back too hard and slammed my head into the concrete. I was knocked unconscious for five or six seconds (during the unconscious point, I could not see or hear anything and I felt like I was vibrating). When I came to I heard a kid yelling, "Dude, your head's bleeding". Then two kids grabbed me by the underarms and I was dragged to the teacher. (I had very little control of my limbs at that point and still felt like I was vibrating). The teacher then picked me up and took me to the nurse, who called my mom, who took me to the hospital. I got three staples and was out of the hospital fine.
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