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Freaky Sports Injuries

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
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From John Dalys hand injury that required super glue to Brian Grieses collision with his dog, Kidzworld takes a look at some of the freakiest sports injuries in 2002.

You wouldn't think crossing a street or closing a bathroom door would be a dangerous activity for a pro athlete. Well, think again. Kidzworld looks at some of this year's freakiest injuries.

1Denver Bronco's quarterback, Brian Griese nearly missed a football game against the Baltimore Ravens after he sprained his ankle when he was run over by his dog. "I was walking down the stairs and my dog came barreling down the stairs after me and clipped me, and I kind of twisted my ankle on the stairs," Griese said. This was the second freak injury for clutzy Brian. In May 2002, Brian tripped on a steep driveway at a friend's house and was knocked unconscious, bruising his face.

1 Being a catcher in baseball is a dangerous job. The guy behind the plate can get hit with 100 mile per hour fastballs, players charging home or the backswing of a bat. But none of those are what caused Kansas City Royals' catcher, Brent Mayne, to miss a month of the 2002 season. Brent wrenched his back when he turned his head to check for traffic while crossing a street in April. Brent spent four weeks on the disabled list with back spasms.

1 Cincinnati Reds' pitcher, Scott Williamson, had his 2002 baseball season end a few weeks early after he accidently slammed a bathroom door against his foot. Scott's inability to get his foot out of the way of the door left him with two broken toes and a place on the disabled list.

1 When Australian rugby league player Jamie Ainscough complained of an infection in his arm, doctors gave him X-rays which revealed Jamie had another player's tooth embedded into his arm. The tooth found its way into Jamie's arm in a game nearly a month earlier but he's not sure how it happenned. He said he planned to mail the tooth back to the other player.

1 John Daly's injury isn't all that freaky but the way he tried to treat it certainly is. While John was playing golf at the Dutch Open in July, 2002, a piece of glass which was embedded in his hand worked its way out, causing John's hand to begin seriously bleeding. Instead of going to a doctor to get stitches (the treatment which Kidzworld recommends,) John Daly squirted superglue on his hand to seal the wound. Did John spend the afternoon sniffing super glue when he came up with this idea? "I don't care if it's unwise medically," Daly said. "I'm not going to watch it bleed." Kids, don't try this at home.

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