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Celebrity Recap :: March 2008

Mar 28, 2008

Another month has come and gone in Hollywood, aka Crazytown, USA. Kidzworld has all the celebrity news and gossip from March 2008!

Celebrity Birthdays

  • March 1st - Jensen Ackles from Supernatural is 30 and Mark Paul Gosselaar, Zack on Saved by the Bell, is now 34.
  • March 2nd - Coldplay singer Chris Martin turned 31 and [KWLINK 1493]rocker Bon Jovi is 46.
  • March 3rd - Hottie [KWLINK 5936]Jessica Biel celebrates her 26th birthday today.
  • March 5th - Little Anakin Skywalker, Jake Taylor is now 19 years old.
  • March 6th - Basketball superstar [KWLINK 5300]Shaquille O’Neal is 36 years old
  • March 8th - Dawson’s Creek guy James Vanderbeek and Freddie Prinze Jr. turn 31 and 32.
  • March 9th -
  • Bow Wow is 21 and Chingy turns 28.
  • March 10th - Country star Carrie Underwood celebrates her 25th birthday on this day,
  • March 11th - Twins and Good Charlotte guys Benji and Joel Madden turn 29.
  • March 14th - Middle Hanson brother Taylor is now 25.
  • March 15th - Eva Longoria turns 33 on the same day Mark Hoppus from Blink 182 trns 36.
  • March 17th - US Women’s soccer star Mia Hamm turned 36 this year.
  • March 18th - Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine is only 29 years old, while comedian Dane Cook is 36.
  • March 19th - Veteran actors Bruce Willis and Glenn Close share a birthday, he’s 53, she’s 61.
  • March 20th - Even Stevens Christy Romano is 24 and hockey legend Bobby Orr is 60.
  • March 22nd - Legally Blond’s Reese Witherspoon and Captain Kirk, William Shatner turned 32 and 77.
  • March 24th - Pro-Bowl quarterback Peyton Manning turns 32 this year.
  • March 25th - Car racer Danica Patrick turns 26 and basketball star Sheryl Swoopes is 37.
  • March 26th - Actresses Keira Knightley and Amy Smart turn 23 and 32 on the same day country singer Kenny Chesney hits 40.
  • March 27th - Singers Mariah Carey and Fergie turn 38 and 33.
  • March 28th - Actors Julia Styles and Vince Vaughn have the same birthday, she turns 27 and he’s 38.
  • March 30th - Music stars Norah Jones, Celine Dion, and MC Hammer were all born on the 30th, they are now 28, 39, and 45.
  • March 31st - Presidential hopeful and global warming guy Al Gore turns 59 on the same day hockey legend Gordie Howe hits 79.

Celebrity Love Report

  • Drew Barrymore and Mac guy Justin Long gushed about their relationship on Oprah.
  • Jessica Simpson and the Cowboy’s Tony Romo have denied rumors that they are engaged.
  • Actors Sienna Miller and Rhys Ifans are engaged to be married.
  • Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are rumored to be renewing their romance after being spotted together.
  • Jamie Lynn Spears is sporting an engagement ring and is rumored to be set to marry long term boyfriend Casey Aldridge,

Celebrity Break-Ups

  • Newly single actress Jenna Fischer is asking fans to stop asking her out in letters or on her myspace page.
  • Actor Johnny Knoxville and ex-wife Melanie Lynn finalized their divorce.
  • The marriage of Pamela Anderson and Rick Solomon was finally annulled.
  • Robin Williams and wife of 19 years have announced plans to divorce.

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