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Quiz the Coach :: Im in a Slump!

Reviewed by on Apr 14, 2008
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Kidzworlds got some free sports and fitness advice on sports like baseball.

So ya dig sports but need some help with your game? Don't understand some of the rules of football, basketball or hockey? Got a gripe about P.E. class, skateboarders, cheerleading, coaches, or anything? Why not Quiz the Coach?

1Hey Coach,
For the past six games I haven't been able to hit the baseball at all! I'm in the biggest slump! I don't know what my problem is? It is getting so bad ,that I am dreading stepping up to the plate. Please help me get out of my slump!

If I were you, I wouldn't sweat it too much! From Babe Ruth to Alex Rodriguez - every great player goes through hitting slumps. Just last year, Barry Bonds went through a 0-21 slump, but broke out of it with a home run. The two things you can do to get yourself out of a slump is attitude and preparation.

I always stress that being successful in sports in 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical. If you are tough mentally than you will be able to focus on the task at hand, rather than worry about striking out, or being embarrassed in front of fans or having your teammates be mad at you. Whether you want to believe it or not, all that negative energy consumes you and brings you down.

When you step to the plate you want to have the attitude that you are going to hit the ball. If you don't have that attitude, then why play the game? If you believe you are going to strike out, then you will probably do so. Make sure you reinforce yourself with positive thoughts. One of the best ways to feel confident about yourself is to be prepared. If you are in a hitting slump, put in more work to be a better hitter. Go to the batting cages on the weekend and work on your swing and work on just making contact with the ball. Repetition is the key to being successful in anything. The more you do it, the easier it will get!

Also remember the basic rules of hitting. Make sure you are keeping your eye on the ball and following through on your swing. Once you are able to see the ball and are making consistent contact with it, then you will feel good about your chances when you step up to the plate in a game. Also talk to your coaches. Have them examine the mechanics of your swing. It always helps when you have someone who can monitor your swing and give you tips.

I promise you, that if you put in the extra work and you re-adjust your attitude, then you will be hitting the ball like Derek Jeter!

Do you need tips or advice on sports, fitness or health? Send it to the Kidzworld Coach. Keep in mind peeps, the Kidzworld Coach isn't a doctor or a professional athlete or anything like that. He's just a dude who digs sports, plays 'em and knows a lot about 'em. You should always talk to your 'rents, a doctor or your school gym teacher before starting a new sport or a new exercise.

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