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Kimbo Slice Biography

Jun 06, 2008

Birthdate: February 8, 1974
Birthplace: Nassau, Bahamas

Kimbo Slice is the ultimate rags to riches story. Five years ago, he was brawling people in backyards now he's the hottest fighter on the MMA circuit!


Kimbo Slice was born in the Bahamas but grew up on the mean streets of Miami, FL. He got into his first fight when he was 13-years old when he beat up a bully that was picking on his friend. Kimbo was a natural athlete and excelled in football. While attending Miami's Palmetto High School, Kimbo was a star middle linebacker. Unfortunately in 1992, Hurricane Andrew hit Miami hard and his high school and home were significantly damaged. The cancelled football season hurt Kimbo's chances of earning a college scholarship. After briefly attending community college, Kimbo found himself homeless at the age of 20 living out of his Nissan Pathfinder. He would take baths in the oceans and pools.

Rise to the Top

Kimbo worked several odd jobs to get himself out of poverty. He worked everything from washing cars to a limo driver to a bodyguard. He started doing amateur street fights in the backyards of homes. These brutal fights earned Kimbo $3000 per victory. These fights were later posted on the internet, and immediately caught on around the world. Kimbo's fighting ability caught the attention of several professional fighting leagues. Kimbo started training with retired up MMA fighter Bas Rutten.

MMA Career

Kimbo Slice made his MMA debut in the June 2007, when he faced off against Ray Mercer. It took less than a minute and a half to defeat Mercer - who lost by a choke submission. In his short MMA career Kimbo is a perfect 4-0 defeating notable MMA fighters like Bo Cantrell, Tank Abbott and James Thompson. Kimbo has gained a lot of fame recently. He has been on the cover of ESPN the Magazine and has been featured from everywhere from Rolling Stone Magazine to Time Magazine. He even was a guest on the Jimmy Kimmell Show. There are rumors Kimbo might fight Mike Tyson in an exhibition boxing match.

Did U Know?

  • Kimbo Slice is 6'2" tall and weighs 240 pounds.
  • Kimbo Slice's real name is Kevin Ferguson.
  • Kimbo Slice is the oldest son out of 11 children.
  • Kimbo Slice is the proud father of six children. All of which, have names that start with the letter "k".
  • Kimbo Slice is engaged to his long-time girlfriend Antoinette.
  • Kimbo Slice trains in Thousand Oaks, California.
  • Kimbo Slice tried out for the Miami Dolphins in 1997.
  • Kimbo Says...

    "I always look forward to a fight. I never go into a fight thinking I'm gonna lose. My expectations are based on my training, conditioning, commitment and dedication."

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