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Emerald Island :: Free Online Game Download

Apr 23, 2015

The Emerald Islands used to be a tropical paradise, then the pirats (get it: pirate rats) sailed into town and trashed the place. Chopping down trees, pillaging the food and making the place stink - the eight islands are down to just one piece of paradise and the pirats are there now too! In the Emerald Island online game you get to become one of the island natives and join the eco-friendly online game adventure. Gary took a trip through the islands and here's the 411 on the game, including how playing it helps save trees in the real world!

Welcome to the Island

The Emerald Island online game lets you become one of the Emerald Island natives. You get to run around the island, using a map to hop from place to place, getting quests, joining a clan, getting your own garden, and uncovering all the games and fun of the island. The Me Maker lets you customize the way you look with dozens of options for arms, legs, hats and more. As you play, you can unlock extra emotes, clothes and more - especially if you team up with friends in cooperative missions to help save the island from the pirats!

Environmentally Fun!

One of the awesome things about the Emerald Island game is that it's all about getting involved and saving the environment. Each character gets a chunk of garden and growing plants in it earns points to spend on fun new stuff - like a pirate mask that lets you sneak into the pirat hideouts! You can also show off your garden to your online friends. The best part is that each person who signs up for Emerald Island gets 10 trees planted in the real world thanks to the Trees to the Future organization!

Free Game Download Instructions

Sailing to the Emerald Islands is really easy, just fire up your web-browser and follow the directions below. You'll have your own online garden in no time!

  1. Click Here to hop over to the official website.
  2. Click the great big "Play" button.
  3. Click the check box if you're cool with the rules and license agreement, then hit the green "Download for PC" button.
  4. When the window pops up, choose to save the file to your Desktop.
  5. Hang out while 70MB of nature-loving free game loads onto your computer. While it's downloading,, check out the latest news on sports, games, movies, dating.
  6. Once the ei_pc.exe game file has downloaded, double-click it to install it.
  7. When it loads, sign up to save some trees in the real world as you join the Emerald Islands!
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