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MTV Video Music Awards 2008 Live Blog

Sep 08, 2008

Britney’s back, Kanye’s got a new song, and it’s been 25 years since it all started! Sindy decided to check out the MTV Video Music Awards…as they were happening.

By: Sindy

5:56PM: Red Carpet! - Mom went out, and she said that my sister Amy and I could watch the MTV Awards. I’ve seen lots of blogs about awards shows, so I thought I’d give it a try. The red carpet is crazy! There are a ton of people here. I can never believe how many people go to awards shows. Do they even get to go in? What happens after the show starts? Do they just have to turn around and go home?

6:00PM: Opening - Britney and one of the guys from Superbad are practicing relaxation techniques… which is actually him trying to kiss her. It’s kinda funny. Then Britney walks into the studio, which looks really small. I thought they used to do things like this in big, huge arena kind of places.

Britney talks too fast, and messes up her words (she says anniversity instead of anniversary). She just introduced the show, and that’s it? Weird.

Rihanna performs Disturbia with scary dancers that look like a remake of the Thriller video (which I love, cuz I love Halloween). Rihanna is in a huge skirt that looks like a tower. I like that this is kind of like a movie.

6:15PM: The Host - The host, a British guy named Russell Brand, asks the audience to vote for Barack Obama. I think because he’s from England, he’s getting away with making fun of people like the Jonas Brothers and Madonna, because he can just get on a plane after and disappear!

6:22PM: Best Female Video - Britney won her first VMA ever for Piece of Me. She thanked God and her kids. It’s nice to see her looking better. Congrats Britney!

6:34PM: Jonas Brothers! - Taylor Swift is introducing the Brothers by talking about Paramount Studios where the awards are being filmed. The Jonases are playing on Paramount’s New York City set, where shows like Friends and Seinfeld were filmed. They’re sitting on steps that remind me of Sesame Street. I wish they had monsters like in Feist’s video!

Whoa! The set just opened up and they’re performing for fans on a big stage on the lot with fake New York behind them. The fans are screaming and crazy, like usual…I don’t know about the screaming thing when it comes to bands you love—how are you supposed to hear them that way?

6:45PM: L’il Wayne - Olympian Michael Phelps is introducing L’il Wayne, who is performing with Leona Lewis and T-Pain. Michael Phelps seems nervous. Leona Lewis has a great voice, and seems kind of old fashioned. She’s pretty, too. L’il Wayne isn’t wearing a shirt, and he looks like his pants are going to fall down. They have to bleep him a lot—I wonder if he was supposed to do the version with no swear words but didn’t?

7:17PM: Miley Cyrus and Pink - Miley Cyrus was playing Rock Band (her song of choice is Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi, in case you were wondering) when she was supposed to be introducing Pink. Oops!

7:30PM: Rihanna and T.I. - Jordin Sparks just told Russell Brand to quit bugging the Jonas Brothers about their promise rings. She waved her own ring and said “Not every girl or guy wants to be a slut!” Yikes!

Now Rihanna and T.I. are performing. This is pretty cool. Rihanna always dresses really tough, which I like. She doesn’t have to show a bunch of skin to seem cool.

7:42PM: Christina Aguilera - The cast of High School Musical 3 are introducing Christina Aguilera. Zac Efron looks kind of nerdy. Maybe he was just tired of his HSM hairstyle, but he’s got it swept to one side. He looks like someone’s dad!

7:50PM: Tokio Hotel - Tokio Hotel won the people’s choice award. I’m pretty surprised that Miley Cyrus didn’t win, but I guess people who watch MTV are a little bit older than most Disney fans.

My sister is mad that Miley didn’t win too, but that might just mean she’s mad she has to go to have a bath now.

7:56PM: Best Pop Video - I think that Paris Hilton[/KWLINK] is having trouble finding which camera to look into. I kind of feel bad for her, but not very much. And…Britney wins again! She’s wearing a different dress than before. Did she know she was going to win, so she changed?

8:16PM: Video of the Year - Britney again! Thanking the same people again!

8:17PM: Kanye West - Kanye is singing! Not rapping…singing. This is pretty cool. He looks like he’s standing on a big field in the dark. He’s wearing a heart button that glows in the dark, and there are awesome drummers in the background. It’s pretty amazing. Kanye West is pretty amazing.

Okay, so that was the VMAs. Overall, it was okay. The movie set was a cool place for people to perform, and Britney winning so much was great, but she said the same thing every time! Kanye and Rihanna were the highlights. I also liked the Jonas Brothers starting out acoustic and getting all loud and rocky. But the rest was a snoozefest.

That was it, the 25th anniversity…I mean, anniversary of the VMAs. Goodnight!

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