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MapleStory iTCG :: NPC Heroes Set Review

Reviewed by on Oct 07, 2008
Rating: 5 Star Rating

New heroes join you in battle with the new MapleStory iTCG set - NPC Heroes! Heres Garys review of the card game.

The MapleStory iTCG is back! It's bringing another bucket full of fun from the MapleStory free online game for you to enjoy at home with the card game. The new set is NPC Heroes and it adds some of the famous MapleStory NPCs to the card game to help you out, plus new NPC bosses! Take a look at the latest add-on to the game that made Kidzworld’s Top Card Games of 2007 as we review the fourth set.

Get Your Maple On

With 60 new cards in this set, there are a few new things for Maplers to play with, including the NPC Heroes! NPCs are Non-Player Characters - the video game people you chat to get quests and stuff. They show up as Monster cards with a twist - each one has an NPC Quest and a Reward. If you do what the NPC Quest says, you get the Reward. Here's a look inside the set.
  • NPC Heroes - Monster cards with Quests for you to do and Rewards if you manage it!
  • NPC Bosses - Like regular bosses, but these are other heroes!
  • Team Up - These cards help you play the NPC Bosses around Level 60.

  • The NPC Bosses are Athena Pierce, Dances with Balrogs, Dark Lord and Grendel the Really Old. There are also more Bosses, Pets and Leader monsters to play with - Death Teddy is the most awww-some of them all, and he's cute too!

    Saving the Day!

    The new NPC Heroes cards are sweet! They give you little quests that give you a taste of playing the MapleStory online game. It's fun, and they add a great strategy twist to playing. You don't need a lot of them either - even just one is plenty! There are some awesome cards too, like the super-cute Jr. Reaper pet card and the ridiculously tough Wooden Target Dummy that can keep you safe from nearly anything.

    Bring on the Real Heroes

    Cloto, Lakelis and Nella are a cute version of the three weavers of fate from myth, and if you can pull off their combo it's game over. But, they're useless if you can't. Exodia anyone? Dances With Balrogs has the same problem - you need to stuff your deck with Bosses to make him useful, but if you can't do his combo, they're all useless.

    Heroes or Zeroes?

    The new NPC Heroes cards are a great way to add famous MapleStory characters to your deck. More Bosses, Pets and cool cards also help make this set fun for everybody. A few lame combo cards won't work in a bajillion years, but everything else in this set is great. And, you don't need to buy a ton of it to use the cards!

    Thumbs Up:

  • Jr. Reaper = SO CUTE!
  • Get codes in each booster for the Maplestory online game.
  • You don't need tons of cards to use new combos.
  • Death Teddy = awww-esome.
  • Thumbs Down:

  • Super-duper mega-tricky card combos = lame.
  • Rating: 5

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