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Monsterpocalypse Collectible Miniatures Game Review

Reviewed by on Oct 10, 2008
Rating: 4 Star Rating

The giant monster smashination is here! Get the lowdown on destroying cities with our Monsterpocalypse game review.

Six teams of giant monsters are having a slam-filled showdown here on Earth and stomping cities flat as they bust out all the latest moves from the WWE! Headbutts, tentacles, dinosaurs, martians, giant robots, tanks and anime ninja freaks are yours to unleash in the greatest showdown since Chuck Norris kicked Indiana Jones in the junk. We've got a Monsterpocalypse preview with info on what's up, but here's the final scoop on how it works and whether it's awesome. Check it out with our Monsterpocalypse game review!

Monster In A Box

Monsterpocalypse is all about giant monsters, but they have smaller units following them around as they bust stuff up. Each time you get one of the giant monsters you get two of them - a basic Alpha form and a powered-up Ultra form. Hardcore players can also collect rare Mega forms through special promotions, but you can't get them in stores. All the monsters come in random boxes, like opening up a Yu-Gi-Oh! booster pack, and here's 411 on the different boxes and what you need to play the game.
  • RISE Starter Box - $25 - One giant monster, two buildings, four units, a map and instructions. This is how you get started.
  • RISE Monster Booster $13 - Another giant monster for your collection. There are 12 total.
  • RISE Unit Booster - $13 - Four smaller units and a building gives you more to command and more to destroy!

  • With packs like these you build a collection of monsters, then you pick a giant monster, an Ultra or Mega form, and up to 15 minions - that's your team. When you play, you and the other players take turns moving monsters, then minions (ok, they're called Units, but minion sounds cooler!) Destroying stuff earns you Power Dice that your monster can use to make special moves - from throwing buildings to power slams. Each hit destroys a minion or does one damage to a monster - each of them have about five health, plus more in Ultra/Mega form, and the last monster standing is the king!

    Rockin' the World to Rubble

    The best part about Monsterpocalypse is that the giant monsters look awesome! Even the minions look fierce and have lots of little details. The goofy wrestling moves and huge destruction of playing Monsterpocalypse is a blast too - from throwing skyscrapers like javelins to shoulder-slamming robots into buildings. It's packed with details, and there's a Monsterpocalypse comic that's fun to read and scores you a rare monster if you mail in a bunch of receipts. The final bit of awesome is that, when you're finished playing, the whole game packs up into one of the starter boxes so its super easy to store or take places!

    Smashed Stuff

    There are a lot of crazy powers in this game, so many that it can be a headache for new players. It takes a few games to figure out what's going on so check out some unofficial simple rules to help make your first few games easy! Watch out for some fragile figures too, especially the martians, they take a bit of glue every now and then or they fall apart.

    Monsterpocalypse - The Simple Game

    To keep it simple, follow these unofficial rules for your first few games.
  • 1. - Ignore all the special powers.
  • 2. - Explodohawks still blow up after they attack.
  • 3. - If an attack uses Power Dice to see how far you throw something, charge or whatever, pretend you've spent five. It make the moves stronger, but more fun too!
  • Destruction or De-suck-shun?

    Monsterpocalypse is a bit complicated, so play with the simple rules at first. But, once you get the hang of all the forcefields, special attacks and weirdness, it's a blast. Filled with wrestling moves, giant monsters, hilarious attacks and even a dose of strategy, Monsterpocalypse is a ton of fun just waiting to stomp around your living room!

    Thumbs Up:

  • Fantastic monster figures!
  • Hilarious monster-bashing action.
  • Play with more players for more destruction.
  • Packs up into easy-to-store boxes.
  • Comic books plus rare collectible monsters!

  • Thumbs Down:

  • Lots of powers make the first few games confusing.
  • Some fragile figures, especially the martians - make sure you have glue!

  • Rating: 4

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