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Survivor Africa - Epi 9

Dec 21, 2015

Everybody is feeling poopy as this episode starts. Guess, stabbing a tried and true tribe member in the back doesn't give a warm fuzzy feeling after all. Lex is panicking because, although he's happy he recruited Brandon in his evil mission, no one else is. Both Ethan and Tom don't trust him and want to vote him off next.

The Reward Challenge is an obstacle course that must be done with a partner. To be fair, the tribe draw numbers in a hat to pick their partners. Wouldn't you know it - Frank and Brandon end up together. Frank hates everything about Brandon, and Brandon returns the favor. But these two pulled together and won. It was hysterical to watch Brandon shout out commands to Frank like an over-enthusiastic aerobics instructor or something. So Frank and Brandon got to eat hot dogs, candy and chips and watch Out of Africa while the rest of the tribe ate more groul and made jokes about them.

The Immunity Challenge was another Survivor classic - build fire and burn through a rope. They were given magnifying glasses to start the fire with, which is the next best thing to matches, but a lot of them still had trouble. Brandon, Lex and Kim J. were the only ones who were really contenders. Brandon started his too late and Kim J. kept dumping too much stuff on hers. Lex won immunity.

At tribal council Kelly showed up, as the first person in the jury and man, she still looked ticked off about her booting. If I was Lex I would be afraid... very afraid. The tribe - everyone but Brandon and Lex (who both voted for Frank) - voted off Brandon. I wanted to feel sorry for the guy, but he brought it on himself by turning against his alliance and siding with Lex. And now he gets to spend all his free time with Kelly, the girl he was responsible for booting. He may still be in Africa, but things are gonna be chilly for Brandon for a while.

So what do you think about Survivor Africa? your opinion and don't be shy!

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