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Christmas 2001 :: Trading Card Games

Dec 27, 2006

There's a blizzard outside and a hurricane in your house. The funky freaks from Wizkid Games, creators of Mage Knight, have a wild new set of fantasy warriors for you to play with. The new Hurricane troops have awesome new powers, cool strategies and way better paintjobs. The coolest thing is the new ability to get groups of big fuzzy Werewolves together for some enemy bashing fun! You can find the figs at all the coolest hobby stores in your town or at

If you're big on figs and want to try painting some hardcore miniatures check out Chainmail from Wizards of the Coast. The little warrior dudes take some work to assemble but have a ton of detail and are actual metal figures. Use your mad art skills on these guys and you'll have an awesome looking bunch of miniatures ready to stomp evil.

While you're bashing evil in the comfort of your own home, there's a war going on over the moon. Jump into a game of Magi-Nation Duel and you can help the forces of good conquer the nasty evil dudes with the new A Dream's End expansion. Head over to for more info.

If the moon isn't your idea of a fun place to go, why not check out Middle-Earth with the Lord of the Rings card game? Not only can you join the Fellowship of the Ring but you can also check out a ton of images from the movie as it hits theaters on December 19th. The orcs look super nasty!

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