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No Playing Allowed

Jan 04, 2019

No skateboarding in the parking lot! No road hockey on the street! That ball better not come anywhere near my flowers! Sound familiar? Have you heard these phrases being yelled by some cranky, old neighbor or possibly even your parents?

Parents are always telling kids not to spend all day inside playing video games or watching TV - but when kids actually try to play outside, they always see signs telling them not to. In 2001, in Hamilton, Ontario, a senior complained to the police that the kids who lived next door to her occasionally knocked their hockey balls and footballs into her garden. Not only is this lady a snobby, old hag who has nothing better to do than annoy kids - she also gardens which is even lamer. The police never charged the kids but they did charge their Dad - and they were forced to stop playing hockey on the street.

Dozens of cities around the world have laws that prevent kids from skateboarding in public places or playing hockey or football on the street. Some cities even have police officers whose main job is to try and catch people skating on the sidewalk, in parking lots or on benches. There are 11 million people (mostly kids) in the United States that skateboard but there are only around 600 skateparks - that's one park for every 18,333 skaters. That can make for a pretty cramped skate bowl. If cities are going to complain about kids playing on the street, then they need to build more skateparks, more soccer fields and more street hockey courts.

Millions of dollars are spent each year on making golf courses, lawn bowling greens and bingo halls for old farts who are about to keel over. More money needs to be spent on skateparks or playing fields for kids who have nowhere else to play.

Yeah! All the so-called "adults" tell me not to ride my unicycle at school. I've never hit anyone. I can move just as easily, if not more easily than people on foot. Most teachers hate it when they see me ride anywhere. "Not on school property!" is a phrase that was heard by me more than once because of my unicycle. There wasn't anyone on the playground. Gimme a break. That is just stupid. If you aren't hurting anyone it should be ok to do something.
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: Unisteve
Age: 13

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