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Peggle Dual Shot DS :: Tips and Tricks

Apr 22, 2009

Some of the later levels in Peggle can be really difficult and, even with these tips, you will still need to practice (but at least you will know what to practice now!). If you haven't already tried to play through some levels on your own, do so now. It is important to play a lot and get a feel for how the ball bounces and moves. The ability to make the ball bounce the correct way is the difference between a novice and a Peggle pro.

The Basics

In each level, 20 pegs are randomly picked to be orange. In order to finish the level, you must hit all of these pegs. There is no time limit in the game, so take your time and make each shot perfect. You can use the stylus to line up your shot and use the control pad to make tiny adjustments to perfect the shot.

On the left hand side, you will see the 10 balls that you get for every level. However, when you shoot a ball out, there is a blue and purple meter there that goes up slowly for every peg you hit. This meter is based off of the points you get for that shot and not the number of pegs you hit. The orange meter on the right hand side of the screen tracks how many orange pegs you have hit so far in the level. As you hit more orange pegs, your score multiplier will go up from 1x, to 2x, 5x and 10x. This is very important because, if you can fill up the blue meter by scoring huge points, you will get a free ball!

Crush the Oranges!

You will always want to hit oranges early on in the level and consistently throughout your ten or more shots. Not only is this how you beat the level, but you will score lots of points, receive more free balls, and have a better chance of beating the level.

Always try to hit an orange peg with your shot initially. Also, try to get the ball to bounce around in areas that are dense in orange pegs. Note that, when the you shoot the ball, it comes out really fast. It will hit your target, but bounce out of the area afterwards. Either try to bounce your shot into a orange crowd by hitting something else first, or shoot the ball into the middle of the group so that it will bounce inside a lot. Aim to clear the orange pegs at the top of the screen first, since gravity and luck might be on your side and can help you clear more pegs.

Attacking the Bucket

At the bottom of every level there is a bucket that moves around. If you can get your ball into that bucket, you will get a free ball, which will go a long way towards helping you beat a level. So, every time you are ready to make a shot. Wait a minute to figure out where you think your ball will go and try to time your shot so that it will end up in the bucket after hitting the pegs.

If the remaining orange pegs are unreachable behind a wall of blue pegs, you can try hitting the blue pegs for free by bouncing your shot off a single blue peg and into the bucket. This is definitely something that all Peggle players should practice. Not only will you be able to clear walls without costing yourself a ball, you will also get lots of points from the Skill Shot Bonus.

Show off your Moves!

Other than the Free Ball Skill Shot, you can also try other stylish moves that give lots of points.

  • Long Shot: Hit two non-blue pegs in a row that are about half a screen apart. Hit another non-blue peg to get the Double Long Shot!
  • Off the Wall: Hit a non-blue peg by bouncing your shot off a wall.
  • Cool Clear: Hit two or more non-blue pegs to clear a level 100%
  • Super Power: Hit both the green pegs with a single shot

  • The other Non-Blue Pegs

    After every shot, a random blue peg will become a purple peg. If you hit the purple peg enough times, it will become a gold peg and, if you hit that, you will get to go to the Underground, a bonus stage that is in every level. In the bonus stage, you play a pinball-like game by bumping and bouncing your ball around the stage to collect gems. Collect all the gems to get a 50 gem bonus which will help increase your score tremendously. Upon exiting the underground bonus stage, you will automatically get your ball back to use again, but you can also earn a second free ball by hitting the flying ball in the underground. You should be trying for the free ball, every one helps.

    At the start of the level, two pegs will randomly be green. These pegs activate special powers that are different depending on the master that is currently guiding you through the level.

    The Masters

    Each master have a different power that are usually helpful for the level you're in. At the end of Adventure Mode, you will play some challenging levels and get to choose which master you want. Not only does this affect what power you get, but it also determines what the Underground Bonus Stage will be! Pick your master carefully, some have more useful powers and easier underground stages.

  • Bjorn: The super guide will show you which way your ball will bounce before you fire it. Bjorn is a great master to use and his power lasts quite a few turns.
  • Jimmy Lightning: Multi-ball is only really useful under specific circumstances. His bonus stage is pretty easy, however.
  • Kat Tut: Kat's power turns the bucket into a pyramid, which can give lots of helpful bounces and many free balls if you time your shots a little. This power is extremely useful for almost any level and Kat's bonus stage is also very easy to clear in a single try.
  • Splork: Splork's power causes a small explosion around the green peg. How useful this move is will depend on where the green pegs are.
  • Claude: Claude's flipper power brings two claws for you to use like a pinball machine. If you use them enough on a single ball, you can get some Flipper style points. This power is only really useful on some levels. His bonus stage is not hard, though.
  • Renfield: The Spooky Ball comes back to the top after falling to the bottom once. Only useful for some stages. His bonus stage is a bit challenging sometimes.
  • Tula: Tula's flower power helps you get rid of 20% of the remaining orange pegs. If you come across a level with hard to reach orange pegs and easy to reach green pegs, then you might consider using her. Note that the power will light the nearest orange pegs.
  • Warren: Warren's power is pretty useful, but unpredictable since you need to spin a wheel to see what you get. His bonus stage is pretty hard, making him a poor choice as a master for the most part.
  • Lord Cinderbottom: This dragon's fire power is really useful for clearing away walls. Try to get as many bounces in as possible, especially off the bucket, in order to make the most of his power.
  • Master Hu: The zen power adjusts your next shot so that it will clear the most points as possible. While this is a really good move, you only get limited use of it, which is a real pity. Hu's bonus stage is also pretty hard.

  • Further Challenges

    Once you have become a certified Peggle Master and graduate from the Peggle Academy, you will be able to tackle Challenge Mode, where there are more orange pegs to clear. If you need practice, try unlocking the quick play levels. Each level and mode has a different requirement:

  • Unlock Challenge Mode: Complete Adventure Mode
  • Unlock Nights Adventure Mode: Complete Adventure Mode
  • Unlock Nights Challenge Mode: Complete Nights Adventure Mode
  • Unlock Level 1 in Quick Play: Collect 100 Gems
  • Unlock Level 2 in Quick Play: Collect 300 Gems
  • Unlock Level 3 in Quick Play: Collect 500 Gems
  • Unlock Level 4 in Quick Play: Complete Adventure Mode
  • Unlock Level 5 in Quick Play: Complete Nights Adventure Mode
  • Unlock Level 6 in Quick Play: Collect 1000 Gems
  • Unlock Level 7 in Quick Play: Achieve 1,000,000 cumulative style shots
  • Unlock Level 8 in Quick Play: Shoot the ball 1000 times
  • Unlock Level 9 in Quick Play: Score 500,000 points in a single Level
  • Unlock Level 10 in Quick Play: Go to Extras and wirelessly send the game trial to another DS unit.

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