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Dynasty Warrior: Gundam 2 :: Tips and Tricks

Jun 03, 2009

Dynasty Warrior: Gundam 2 is, in general, a fairly simple and easy game. For the most part, you can take your time and push random buttons and still come out on top. However, this does not always work on harder difficulty settings. Even on easy, there are some enemies and situations that require you to be playing your best. Here are some tips and tricks that will start you down the right path.

Using your Mobile Suit Right

Most players rely solely on the melee attack button. While, normally, hitting the charge button will register a single shot from your gun, from the action list, you can see that you can hit your charge attack button after hitting a couple of melee attacks in order to make a strong combo.

The attack that you perform with the charge attack button will depend on how many times you hit with your melee attack before starting the charge attack. For example, if you are using Uso Ewin's V2 Gundam and you press melee, melee, charge on the controller, you will strike twice with your beam sword before your Gundam splits into two parts and hits your opponent again. If you instead use melee, melee, melee, charge, you will hit your foes three times and then Uso will shout "Wings of Fire!" and wing shaped flames will come out of your rocket boosters as you dash forward, hitting everything in your way.

It is important learn and remember your Gundam's different charge attacks so that you can use them properly. Some moves deal lots of damage to a single enemy while others are great for clearing the field when it is crowded. Most of the better Gundams will have four different charge attacks to start with but, after using them for a while, you will gain access to a few more different ones.

Look for moves that will knock your opponent into the air. For example, hitting charge attack after four melee attacks with the V2 Gundam will have the Gundam jump up and shoot a big laser beam down at your opponent, which eventually knocks them into the air. From there, you can use the regular charge attack (gun shot) to keep them in the air as you move towards them for more melee attacks, which will restart the whole combo.

Equipping your Mobile Suit Right

As soon as you start earning parts for your Gundam, you will be able to begin putting attachments on them in the Mobile Suit Lab in Mission Mode. These attachments are very helpful in game and, as the Mobile Suit Lab levels up, you will gain access to even better attachments.

At first, you will only have access to I-Field, Boost Drive, Shock Absorber, Power Radiator, and Speedster. I-Field can be useful in the harder difficulty setting, since your enemies will be shooting at you constantly. The Boost Drive is good if you like using the boost dash attack (performed by hitting the dash button after starting a special charge attack), but trade it for Aura Burst once you get the chance. Similarly, Shock Absorber is only good until you get Bio Computer. Power Radiator is very useful, but Speedster is not useful at all.

When the Lab gets to level 3 and 5, you will get access to "Drive" attachments that increases the power of specific special charge attacks. Note that the regular charge attack, the gun shot, is considered to be "Charge 1", so if you want to improve your melee, melee, charge attack, you will want the Delta Drive, which is for Charge 3.

Once the Lab gets to the higher levels, you will gain access to Hard Strike, Armor Gain, Pressure, and Minovsky Drive, all of which are very good and are highly recommended. Anything else not mentioned here is up to personal preference.

Giant Mobile Armor Strategies

Throughout the game, you will come across six different types of mobile armor. The first time you face off against one of these giants, you will go through a tutorial that will teach you some of the things that you will need to know. In general, hold the melee attack button down to charge up a smash attack. Wait until the mobile armor shows its weak spots, represented by several green arrows, and then hit it with your smash attack to knock it down. When it is down, you can continue to attack it however you like.

You can also smash attack it normally to deal some good damage and to stop it from doing an attack. Smash attacking a mobile armor that is not showing weak spots will make it show weak spots. If you have a super charged up, you can use that right after a smash attack to knock the mobile armor down. The pilot skill Small Giant and the attachment Hard Strike is very useful against mobile armors, especially if you are using a mobile suit that does not have a smash attack.

If you are on Earth, you will need to move away from the mobile armor when it falls down, otherwise the shockwave will knock you down too and waste time. If you are in space, you can just stick close and attack however you like. If a particular attack, like a kick or grab, is making your life difficult, attack that part of the mobile armor when its falls down and hopefully you can destroy it. However, if you beat a mobile armor without destroying any part of it, you will earn some extra parts for your Gundam.

The Big Zam is the easiest Mobile Armor to defeat, especially since you normally deal with it in space where you can stay inbetween its legs and avoid most of its dangerous attacks. If you have to fight it on the ground however, you won't be able to use the same strategy since its walking will cause shockwaves that will knock you down.

Against the Psycho Gundam and Psycho Gundam Mk-II, you will probably be more worried about your allied Gundams than yourself since its super shockwave attack can kill your allies and fail the mission. Instead, try to draw the Psycho Gundam to a corner, away from everyone else and fight it there. Keep a smash attack ready at all times and listen for the unique ping sound that tells you the giant shockwave is coming. This happens more when the Psycho Gundam is low on health, hit it with your smash attack to stop it from doing the attack.

Both the Quin Mantha and Alpha Aziel uses funnels to attack you when they are low on health. Use a super attack to destroy them or else you will never be able to charge up a smash attack. Remember that you can jump using the R button and do a different super attack in the air. Do the attack that will clear the field better.

The Dark Gundam is the strangest and most difficult of all the mobile armors. You cannot attack the main head normally, as it will automatically overheat your Gundam. Instead, you need to defeat one of the tentacles in order to stun it and then go for the head. Hard Strike and Small Giant really comes in handy here since a smash attack has a good chance of destroying a tentacle in one hit.

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