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Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure :: Boss Guide

May 20, 2009

The first two worlds in Henry Hatsworth, Mysteria and Skyland, are fairly easy. From the third world and on, however, you will begin to feel challenged by the level design and by your enemies. Facing off against the Captain at the end of the third world will no doubt have you running low on extra bowler hats. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you along in your journey.

Master the Art of the Sword

Your melee attacks have the ability to hit multiple enemies infinitely. When doing a standing combo, do not use the fourth standing melee attack, which will normally send your foe flying away from you. Instead, end your combos with the Up + Attack to send them flying into the air. From there, you can jump up and hitting them and then continue with two or three more standing melee attacks before hitting them back in the air again. Against most enemies, you should be able to use this combo to knock them around for at least 13 hits.

Master the Art of the Counter-Attack

Get to know the attack patterns of your enemies. Shot boxes will always fire three shots at a time, so attack after the three shots. Skull-Axes always swing down low, so jump towards them and hit them in the head before doing the infinite combo. Skull-Dancers jump at you from above, so hit them with the Up Melee attack and be sure to move away before they get up.

More importantly, use your projectile attack wisely. Upgrade your attacks by going to the puzzle screen and matching a few blocks together. Beefed up bombs can clear away enemies easily while upgraded boomerangs home into enemies, making it easier to do difficult jumps.

Most importantly, know that you do not have to completely defeat your enemies. Usually, you just need to get past them. After hitting a skull enemy with an Up + Attack, you can just walk under them and continue on your merry little way. This way, you won't have to deal with skull blocks in the puzzle realm.

Master the Art of the Robot

Avoid using the Up + A laser beam attack as it is usually a waste of super meter. Instead, focus on regular melee combos, Up melee, and rocket fists. For faster clears you can use Down + A in the air to release some highly explosive mines that deal massive amounts of damage. If you are running low on super meter, be sure to jump into the puzzle realm and do some fast matches to refill a bit.

Master the Art of the Shopping

Hearts may seem like they should be high on your list, but remember that your hearts refill everytime you change from old to young Henry. Extra silver hearts are not that useful either, because only two silver hearts will refill when you transform. If you must buy hearts, buy the regular hearts. Even then, it is an expensive venture. Instead, focus your money on melee and projectile upgrades and products that will help you fill up your super meter faster or give you more time in the puzzle realm.

Master the Art of the Boss Stomping

Every world has a mid-way boss and a final boss. Usually the mid-way boss is Weaselby in his flying hat while the final boss is one of his hired assassins.

World 1
Weaselby: The first fight against Weaselby is easy, just watch and learn his attack patterns and give him a quick hit whenever you can. You can jump or shoot the rolling bombs and duck under his machine when it flies over you. When he sends monsters to attack you, you can send them to the puzzle realm and clear them for more super meter.
Lady D: This crazy lady lives in a cake. A highly destructible cake, that is. Simple attack it with barely a care. Keep an eye on Lady D's umbrella. If she points down, you will need to step away from the cake and get as far away as you can. If she points her finger to the left, step away as well, as the cake will be moving. When she sends monsters out of the cake, you can just hit both the minions and the cake with your melee attack. If you have Tea Time charged, you can use it, but it really is not necessary.

World 2
Weaselby: This is the same as first fight, almost. Again, just watch and learn the patterns and attack when you can.
Lance: Lance is one of the rare bosses that you can do the infinite melee combo on. You just need to time carefully because he falls quickly. Try to guess which side he will appear on and hit him with a melee attack or upgraded projectile shot to stop him from singing or shooting heart rays. When he sends in the anchor to pull the puzzle blocks up faster, you can hit the chain on the top screen to get rid of it. You can also wait it out, which is not a bad idea if you need more blocks for the super meter.

World 3
Weaselby: Now it gets a bit harder. You can destroy the oil canons and get under him to deal some good damage. Use Tea Time when you can and hit with your best attacks. Time your jumps carefully to avoid him as he charges from one side to the other.
Captain: Watch his hand to know what he will be doing. Time your melee combo after his wheelchair is thrown at you so that you jump slash as the nurse lands and causes an earthquake. If you time it correctly then you can continue hitting the Captain with your melee combo. You can hit the pills that the nurse throws, a beefed up boomerang is useful here. Use Tea Time and the rocket punch to help clear the icicles before they get to the bottom screen, they are really annoying and can utterly ruin your puzzling ability. When you are underwater, you will have to move carefully to keep away from the nurse, luckily the attack path is easy to read.

World 4
Weaselby: Use your R dash to get out of the tractor beam and hit him with your Tea Time mines for massive damage. If you hit the saws that he shoots out and make them fly back at him, he will get damaged as well. For the second part of the battle, jump and dodge carefully and make good use of Tea Time as soon as you can. If you tend to stand in the middle, watch out for the dropped pillar, move away from the arrow.
Mutant Blob: This is not really a boss, but still a major fight. His attack pattern is not hard to figure out and avoid, you just need to worry about him when he falls down into the puzzle realm. You will need to make fast clears against him before he even touches the top in order to get rid of him. If he does reach the top, you might as well exit the puzzle realm because you cannot hit him anymore until he goes down again. If you need it, pause the game everytime he changes color so that you have some time to think about what to do in your head.
Weaselby: You get to fight Weaselby without the flying hat machine now. You can hit him out of his side to side dash attack and prism beam attacks, but not the big laser columns one. Try to get as many hits as possible when you hit him out of the dash attack. The anchor that he sends here cannot be removed by hitting the chain. After a while, he makes a copy of himself to double his attack. Try to get rid of the clone as soon as you can. Again, make good use of your Tea Time mine attack.

World 5
Mutant Blob: This will be the half way boss this time. The fight is exactly the same as in the World 4.
Weaselby: The fight here is exactly the same as the final boss fight in World 4, except that it is easier because Weaselby will have less health.
The Machine: This is it! Defeat the machine to finish the game! You can only deal damage to the hands and the head of the machine. When it places its hands down and starts shooting laser balls, you should be able to position yourself between the shots and hit either one of the hands. Remember that the laser balls will always fire in the same pattern. Dash away from the fist smash attack and use Tea Time mines whenever you can. After a while, the machine will spit some garbage into the puzzle realm. You cannot match these pieces so just work around them.
After a while, the machine will push garbage walls towards you. You will need to hit the red button with a strong attack, upgraded bombs work well if the button is really high up.
When the machine starts to shovel layers of garbage and tries to push you into the spike, time your jump so that you land on the garbage. After this, you will need to clear some of the puzzle under the garbage, but leave the garbage at mid-height so that you can still hit the machine in the head while dodging the laser balls from the ground.

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