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Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure :: DS Game Review

Reviewed by on May 04, 2009
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Only the best dressed gentleman will succeed, according to Henry Hatsworth. Luckily for him, his game definitely fits the bill.

Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure is an unique game from EA that features a well-dress English professor with a knack for adventure and treasure hunting. While exploring, Hatsworth acquires a golden bowler hat that has the power to transform him into a younger version of himself.

This is great, since the old professor is coming along in the years. Unfortunately, the golden hat was also essential in preventing a dangerous puzzle world from sending monsters into our world. Now Hatsworth must battle in the real world and puzzle world to find the remaining golden suit pieces needed to seal away the puzzle world again.

Jump, Slash, and Match Puzzle Blocks Like You Have Never Done Before

Henry Hatsworth is a wonderful blend of puzzle and platformer that fun and exciting to play. On the top screen, you jump and fight your way across the level. All the enemies you defeat fall off the top screen and land somewhere on the bottom screen, where they become a part of a rising puzzle game.

Before the enemy blocks rise back up to the top screen, you must match three blocks of the same color to get rid of them for good. Playing the puzzle game also powers up any projectiles that are on the screen and charges a super meter that helps Hatsworth stay young and summons a giant robot to help fight during tea time.

Enjoy like Tea Time

Henry Hatsworth boasts a colorful cast that is fun to watch as the story progresses. Everyone speaks in a Banjo and Kazooie manner, with grunts, Hahs and Aws replacing actual voice acting in representing that dialogue on screen.

The game is incredibly challenging, but in a good way. The game is similar to a classic or retro game, such as Mega Man, with some difficult boss battles and serious platforming feats. Luckily, you can buy upgrades for Hatsworth that will make your life easier. For the truly hardcore gamer, there is an even harder mode to unlock and some secret levels to find and play through.

Good Show!

Henry Hatsworth is a very enjoyable and long lasting game, with its challenging game play. The characters are entertaining and the story is fun to watch. The game is bright, vivid and lively, earning top marks across the board.


Price: $29.99

ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

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