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Boing! Docomodake DS :: DS Game Review

Reviewed by on Apr 13, 2009
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Its a non-Mario platforming game that also features mushrooms! These strange, but adorable characters have gone missings, are you able to master the technique of splitting and combining yourself to save your family?

Docomodake is a Go Anywhere Mushroom, possessing the ability to split himself into several minis that can be used to perform different tasks and help you collect all the items and reach the end of the level.

More than Meets the Eye

At the start of the game, you can only split yourself into five parts. But as you open the treasure chests throughout the game, you will find more minis, enabling you to split yourself into many, many parts.

You move Papa Docomodake, the main character, using the control pad and the minis are dragged around the level with the stylus. You can stack minis on top of each other to make a big ladder for Papa Docomodake, use them to weigh down platforms and switches, and even roll them into Roly Polys that you can pick up and throw at enemies and objects.

The Life of a Mushroom

In the game, you guide Papa Docomodake through various levels to find his missing family members that have gotten lost while preparing for a festival. At its heart, Boing! Docomodake DS is a puzzle/platforming game where you collect coins and treasure before reaching the end of the level. In order to get to the end of the level, you must navigate past trapdoors, switches, platforms, and enemies.

The puzzles surrounding these structures are challenging, but it is nothing that a little trial and error can’t handle. Do take your time to think ahead and plan your moves, though, or else you will be replaying the same level many times. The game grades you at the end of each level based on your speed and the number of coins and treasure chests that you have collected. Use the coins to buy things at Docomodake’s house, including story pages and maybe a secret move at the end.

Vegetables are Good for You

The puzzle and platforming aspects of the game work well and will challenge your mind. Just playing through the game without collecting everything will take about ten hours, but you should be trying to get everything in order to get the full experience of the game. For a $20 game, Docomodake is a wise choice.

Rating: 4

Price: $19.99

ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

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