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Elebits: Nintendo Wii Video Game Review

Jan 08, 2007

Cute and cuddly Elebits are tiny creatures that live all around us. They’re the source of all the energy for important stuff like cell phones, TVs and microwaves. So, when a weird lightning storm shuts everything off, Kai’s Elebit Researcher parents ditch the poor guy at home with nothing to do and run off to save the day. Kai grabs the Capture Gun and gets set to catch all the Elebits and recharge his house in this fun new hide-and-seek game for the Nintendo Wii. Here’s Gary’s game review.

Elebits Game Basics

Elebits is a game where you run around as Kai using the tractor beam-ish Capture Gun to find and grab the tiny Elebits. You aim the gun with the Wiimote and zap Elebits to catch them. You also need to energize your gun so you can move heavy stuff around and find the hidden Elebits. Once you capture enough, you clear the level!

Elebits: Positively Awesome

You can toss everything around! From pitching the couch out the window to opening doors, you can do it all with the Capture Gun. Once it’s powered up enough, you’re like a superhero - or a supervillain. It's your choice! There are also tons of crazy power-ups, a level editor (so you can make your own levels and share them) and a multiplayer mode for playing with friends!

Elebits: Annoyingly Negative

Someone needs to make Kai stop talking! It’s like he’s whining and crying at the same time, ack! The graphics are cute, but they bog down if you toss a car into a marble factory, or do anything else that will get a bajillion things moving at once. The multiplayer is weak as well cuz one person gets to control where everybody is going rather than the screen splitting up.

Elebits: Energizing or Depressing?

This game is kooky, cool and easy to play! It’s a blast to run around, tossing things all over the place as you hunt for Elebits. Even with a weak multiplayer mode and some sketchy graphics, as long as you mute the game when Kai’s talking, it’s great fun and mostly non-violent.

Elebits Thumbs Up:

  • Tossing stuff around with the Wiimote is a hoot!
  • Easy enough for anyone to play.
  • Elebits are really cute.
  • Cool power-ups.
  • Elebits Thumbs Down:

  • Someone make Kai stop talking! Please!
  • Graphics stutter when too much happens.
  • Multiplayer mode isn’t fun.
  • Elebits Game Rating:

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