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More Wii Games, Zune Games and Giant Blue Dragons

Jan 08, 2007

The [kwlink]Playstation 3[/kwlink] and [kwlink]Xbox 360[/kwlink] keep making a buzz on the web with all the crazy stuff they're doing. The [kwlink]latest news[/kwlink] on what's up with the two super-duper video game consoles is right here with everything from what's up with five million PS3s, an upgrade for the Xbox 360, [kwlink]awards[/kwlink] and more. We also have a list of all the new games dropping this week for everything from the PSP to the Wii and even the PC! Check out all the news, previews and gaming info below.

More Downloadable Nintendo Wii Games!

Bust out your [kwlink]Wii[/kwlink] points and get ready to download some gaming fun! Check out these three new games that just arrived.
  • Dungeon Explorer (1-5 players, 600 points): Battle [kwlink]fantasy monsters[/kwlink] with your [kwlink]friends[/kwlink] as one of eight different [kwlink]heroes[/kwlink].
  • Gradius (1-2 players, 600 points): Blow the Bacterions to bits in seven levels of action as hyperspace fighter Vic Viper!
  • Soldier Blade (1 player, 600 points): Defeat the Zeograd invaders with three kinds of [kwlink]power-ups[/kwlink], different game modes, and massive boss battles!
  • Microsoft’s Zune has a New Tune

    The Zune is Microsoft’s version of an iPod. It lets you play music, share tunes and keep your beat while you’re on the go. But it’s getting an upgrade! Microsoft announced that the Zune will be able to play video games, too – like a giant singing [kwlink]Gameboy[/kwlink]! The games won’t be here until 2008 so chill for now, but keep it in mind for your [kwlink]Christmas list[/kwlink] when December gets here.

    Giant Blue Dragon vs. Cat!

    Quick - hide your [kwlink]kitty[/kwlink]! There’s a massive new dragon on the way and it looks hungry. The [kwlink]Dungeons & Dragons Icons[/kwlink] figures are [kwlink]humongous monsters[/kwlink] you can collect and play in the [kwlink]Dungeons & Dragons[/kwlink][kwlink]Miniatures[/kwlink] game and the latest one is a [kwlink]lightning[/kwlink]-spitting blue dragon. Check it out!

    The upcoming Gargantuan Blue Dragon is a cool-looking monster that won't eat your cat. Honest.

    Monday, January 08, 2007

    5,000,000 Playstation 3 Video Game Consoles

    Sony has invaded North America with the [kwlink]Playstation 3[/kwlink]. They brought them in by boat, flew them in by chopper and even had some dude paddle one across the ocean on an inner tube. Ok, maybe not the inner tube. By the end of the year, one million of the big, black game systems had arrived. But PS3 fans still had to endure [kwlink]line-ups[/kwlink] and high-priced eBay auctions to get their hands on the new game system. Now Sony says that they're going to have five million more [kwlink]PS3s[/kwlink] on store shelves by the end of March 2007. It's time to start saving your allowance or working overtime at [kwlink]McD's[/kwlink]!

    Xbox 360 = Television Recorder?

    Microsoft's [kwlink]Xbox 360[/kwlink] just got news about a [kwlink]power-up[/kwlink] that's going to let it record TV shows! You'll even be able to keep playing [kwlink]games[/kwlink] and chatting online while it records your fave [kwlink]anime[/kwlink]. There's no tricky [kwlink]cheat code[/kwlink] for it either, all you'll have to do is download it. The problem is, this upgrade won't arrive until the end of 2007. Until then, you'll have to stick with the ability to download your fave shows and [kwlink]movies[/kwlink] through Xbox Live.

    What Video Games are Dropping This Week?

  • January 09 - Arthur and the Invisibles for DS, GBA, PC and PS2.
  • January 09 - Backyard Basketball 2007 for Gamecube and PC.
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