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The Biggest Announcements from the Nintendo Direct!

Nintendo revealed some new games and showed off long awaited favorites.

Sep 24, 2021

Nintendo released a brand new Nintendo Direct showcase where they showed off some brand new games and first looks at some long-awaited titles!



Some Smaller (But Cool!) Announcements 

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct coming in October.
  • Final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character reveal coming on October 5th!
  • Castlevania Advance Collection, the three Gameboy Advance Castlevania titles are available on Switch and other consoles today!
  • Actraiser, an obscure SNES classic has gotten a remaster that is available today as well.
  • Disco Elysium: Final Cut coming in October.
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is coming to Switch in November!
  • Shadowrun Trilogy is coming to Switch next year.

The return of some beloved Castlevania platformers.The return of some beloved Castlevania platformers

Monster Hunter Rise Expansion

The beast-slaying simulator is getting some paid DLC next Summer in the form of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. New monsters, new locations, and new ways to hunt are promised in this new "massive" expansion. Rise is also arriving on the PC around this time, and Sunbreak will be playable there as well!

New beasts await in Sunbreak!New beasts await in Sunbreak!

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

A brand new, 3D Kirby adventure is on the way. Rather than harnessing Kirby's 2D roots, the series looks to be taking a page out of Mario Odyssey's book with colorful levels, tons of collectables, and plenty of new forms for Kirby to suck up. There is a sense of mystery to the world Kirby is exploring, and we will learn more when the game launches next Spring. 

Kirby explores an abandoned mall.Kirby explores an abandoned mall

Splatoon 3 Gameplay

Splatoon 3 got its first taste of full gameplay! It looks like more Splatoon, but there are no other shooters quite like it on the market so that cannot be a bad thing. Take to the Squid-Kid battlefield once again in 2022. 

Squid-Kids are back.Squid-Kids are back

Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars

From Yoko Taro, the creator of NieR comes this interesting card-based RPG that really puts the emphasis on the cards in every sense. 

Here is hoping this card game is as creative as Yoko Taro's past titles.Here is hoping this card game is as creative as Yoko Taro's past titles

Chocobo GP aka Final Fantasy Kart

Mario Kart but Final Fantasy. That's it! And it looks like a ton of fun, with plenty of Chocobos and familiar Final Fantasy faces to encounter next year. 




Alright, they're pretty cute.Alright, they're pretty cute

Deltarune Chapter 2

The follow-up to the widely popular JRPG throwback Undertale comes Deltarune, and the second chapter is arriving on Switch well, today! 

The second chapter is a free update to the original Deltarune chapter.The second chapter is a free update to the original Deltarune chapter.

Nintendo 64 Games in Switch Online

Nintendo's Switch Online library of classic games is getting an "Expansion Pack" for an additional fee starting in October. Games from the Nintendo 64 and oddly enough, the SEGA Genesis. Not all games will be available at launch, but more will be added with time like the NES and SNES libraries.

At launch:

  • Super Mario 64
  • Mario Kart 64
  • Star Fox 64
  • Yoshi's Story
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • WinBack: Covert Operations
  • Dr. Mario 64
  • Sin and Punishment
  • Mario Tennis 64 

Coming Later:

  • Banjo-Kazooie
  • Pokémon Snap
  • The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
  • Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
  • Mario Golf
  • Paper Mario
  • F-Zero X

Genesis Collection Includes:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • Streets of Rage 2
  • Ecco the Dolphin
  • Castlevania: Bloodlines
  • Contra: Hard Corps
  • Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
  • Golden Axe
  • Gunstar Heroes
  • M.U.S.H.A.
  • Phantasy Star IV
  • Ristar
  • Shining Force
  • Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master
  • Strider

More N64 games are coming after the Expansion Pack's launch.More N64 games are coming after the Expansion Pack's launch

Bayonetta 3 Gameplay

After nearly four years of waiting, Platinum Games revealed gameplay of their latest hectic character-action game. 

Bayonetta 3 is one of the Switch's most highly anticipated games after Bayonetta 2 took the Wii U by storm.Bayonetta 3 is one of the Switch's most highly anticipated games after Bayonetta 2 took the Wii U by storm

Super Mario Bros. Movie Gets a Cast and Release Window

We now know just a little bit more about the previously announced Super Mario Bros. movie. The animated film is hitting theaters in Holiday of 2022, and features quite an expected cast. 

  • Mario: Chris Pratt
  • Luigi: Charlie Day
  • Peach: Anya Taylor-Joy
  • Bowser: Jack Black
  • Toad: Keegan-Michael Key
  • Donkey Kong: Seth Rogan
  • Cranky KongFred Armisen
  • Kamek: Kevin Michael Richardson
  • Spike: Sebastian Maniscalco

An unexpected cast to be sure!An unexpected cast to be sure!

And that's all! Check back in on October 5th to learn who the final Smash Bros. Ultimate character will be!