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Henry Hatsworth: Secret Levels and Easy Money :: DS Walkthrough

May 11, 2009

Henry Hatsworth is, in many ways, similar to classic 8-bit games, down to the secret levels and difficult platforming. That's right, there are secret levels in this game! You will know if you have unlocked these levels if they are gold in color instead of red before you clear them. Also, when you highlight the levels, there is no picture, just a big question mark. Most likely, however, you probably haven't accidently unlocked one of these levels yet, as they are difficult to find. There are two secret levels in each world:

World 1, Stage 1

You will need to have the golden pipe in order to do this, so attempt this only after beating Lance Banson. Go through this tutorial level until you reach the section where the game teaches you the UP + A special attack with the regular bullet projectile. After killing the three sword guys and hitting the target, walk a bit forward and jump into the water you see and fall down. Follow through the short secret area and you'll find an alternate exit for stage 1. After this, you'll go back to the world map and can select the first secret level that is pretty easy, but will earn you lots of money.

World 1, Stage 4

You can unlock the secret level right after getting the golden pants, but a warning! The secret level that you unlock here is very hard. Go through stage 4 until you reach the part where a skull fire spitter stands between a tall wall on the right and a gap in the middle that you normally would go through. Beat the fire lobbing enemy and wall jump up the tall stone wall to reach some hidden, floating platforms. Jump across all the platforms and drop down to the bottom of a large tree to find the alternate exit. The secret level that you find here features several series of difficult jumps that require good timing and wall jumping technique. If you manage to get to the end of the secret level, you'll be rewarded with the golden wallet, which increases the amount of money you get from every treasure you pick up!

World 2, Stage 3

Get to the section of the stage where you are riding on a moving platform. After a bit, you'll move down over some spikes, but as the platform goes down you'll see a statue in an alcove on the right. You can hit the statue with a boomerang, the bullet special attack, or by squeezing a bomb through the gap at the top. If you manage to nail it, a smaller platform will come down near the middle of the spikes. Quickly get on that platform (watch out for falling enemies!) and it will take you up and you can just follow the natural path from there to the alternate exit.

The secret level that you find here also has two exits and one will reward you with the golden monocle if you can complete it. The monocle gives you more time while playing the puzzle on the touch screen. The exit that you want is in the middle of the section where you are jumping up and avoiding the bullet box enemies. Find the platform that has water in it on the right side and a drop through platform on top. You will need to have the golden pipe already in order to use this exit. Drop through the platform, into the water, and move to the right and complete the underwater section to get the monocle.

World 2, Stage 4

The alternate exit is near the end of the stage. Keep going through the stage to the section with lots of cannons. After this section you will come across a skull fire spitter and two easy blue enemies standing on a pole that is on an angle going up and to the right. After beating the enemies, go under the pole to land on a platform, and continue from there to unlock the secret level. The secret level you unlock here isn't too hard, but it is the first auto scrolling level that you'll face and you will need to learn to move and react quick.

World 3, Stage 1

Once you are underwater, you will go downwards through the stage in a zig-zag fashion, first moving all the way to the right before dropping down and then to the left before dropping down. About half way down, you will be on the left and, in order to get to the right you will need to go through a bunch of upward currents. Instead of doing that, just collect the treasure in the chest on the left and drop off that platform, defeating a bubble enemy along the way. After the short drop you will see a portal to the puzzle realm. Jump in and follow it through. Once you come back, you will now be on the right side of the stage and to your left you will see an underwater mine with two upward currents on either side of it. Jump over the mine and drop down in the gap between the left of the mine and the left current. Follow this path to find the alternate exit. The secret level that you unlock has an annoying, constant current that pushes you to the right, making things harder.

Easy Money! If you need cash in a hurry, the best way to make easy money is to go through World 3, Stage 1 and use the portal and alternate exit over and over. You will earn about 1,000 each time and more, if you have the golden wallet.

World 3, Stage 5

Continue through this level until you get to the part where there is a skull missile enemy over a long platform made of breakable blocks. After defeating the enemy, jump through any blocks that the missiles broke or just DOWN + Y in the air and immediately hit DOWN + Y again and again to drop down to the bottom of this lava pit as fast as you can. You will probably need to use tea time as soon as you get to the bottom so that you don't die as you move to the left and jump out of the lava. If you earned the golden vest from the secret level in World 4, it will help a lot here, but you can still make it without it if you are fast enough and have enough health. After getting out of the lava, jump to the left to find the alternate exit. The secret level you unlock here will reward you with the golden moustache, which is great for tea time because it makes enemies drop teacups after they die, which will recharge a bit of your super meter, making tea time last longer. Good show!

World 4, Stage 1

Go through this stage until you are near the end, just until you see the edge of the giant white treasure chest that will complete the stage. Normally, you would walk across the puzzle tiles to get to the treasure chest. This time, however, walk until you're on the furthest puzzle tiles on the right side and match three colors together to make the puzzle tiles disappear. Drop down from the right to land on a platform and continue from there to find the alternate exit. It is recommended that you take the boomerang with you through the secret level that you unlock. The secret level will be a very hard auto scrolling stage, but you will get the golden vest if you complete it. The vest reduces the damage you take from spikes and lava, which can be a life saver in later levels.

World 4, Stage 4

Go through this stage until you get to a part where there is a sign pointing up and you will normally need to go to the touch screen and clear some blocks to make some vertical blocks appear on the top screen for you to wall jump off of. Instead of doing that, just keep going right along the conveyor belt until it start moving right instead of left. Duck while riding the conveyor belt going right to get under the wall and fall down the gap to get to the alternate exit. The secret level that you unlock here has lots of ice to make your day.

World 5, Stage 1

There are times in every stage where you cannot go any further until you beat all the enemies that come at you. Play through this stage until the start of the second fight section. Normally, after you beat this fight, the floor will crumble and you will fall down automatically. Instead of fighting however, just jump through the platform yourself to land on another platform that normally get destroyed after the fight. Jump across the platforms to find the alternate exit. The secret level that you unlock here has even harder wall jumps than the secret level you unlocked in World 1, Stage 4. But if you can get to the end of the level, you will be rewarded with the golden bowtie, which reduces the amount of super meter that your tea time robot suit uses when performing special attacks. The bowtie and moustache are a lifesaver when doing hard fights or boss battles.

World 5, Stage 2

Go through this stage until you get to the section where there are two rows of blocks moving in opposite directions. Normally you would time your jumps to get past these moving blocks without being crushed and continue upwards and, in fact, there is a sign pointing up in the pit to your right. Instead of doing that, jump into the small pit with the sign in it and walk to the right to go through a fake wall and follow this path to go up a very, very long wall jump sequence to get to the alternate exit. The secret level that you unlock here is comparatively easier than the other levels. You get to ride a hot air balloon!

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