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Brave: A Warrior's Tale :: Tips and Tricks

Aug 14, 2009

While you are playing Brave: A Warrior’s Tale, it can be easy to lose yourself during a fight or jump sequence and forget a few important things. Here are a few things to remember:

In the Heat of a Battle:

Do not forget that you can charge your attacks. You can charge for a stronger arrow shot or for a Mighty Strike with your tomahawk.

Be aware of your surroundings! Try to stay in wide open areas and avoid putting your back to the wall. Not only is this a bad idea in any fight but, this way, the camera will not mess you up too badly. As long as there is nothing in the way to block your view, you should be able to dodge foes and charge up attacks.

While you are watching your environment, keep an eye on plants and other things that you can smash open for extra health or Spirit Charge. Once you have found Eagle Feathers, you can fill them up with Spirit Charge and use it to reduce the amount of damage that Brave received from enemies. The extra health and other things found in the plants will not stick around forever, so do not smash open them unless you really need them!

During the Calm Before/After the Storm

Outside of battle, you will need to switch between first person mode and third person a lot in order to use Brave’s other abilities. After getting the Mimicry Carving, you can go into first person and look for animals with white sound waves around them. If you look at them and push the action button, you will mimic them. Doing so will unlock special secrets, such as the secret totems which are Easter Egg items. If you hear an animal sound in the game, especially if it is a bird, it is a sign that there is an animal near by that you can mimic.

Brave can also learn to follow animal tracks. Again, you will need to go into first person mode in order to use this ability. Tracking will allow you to see glowing blue animal footprints on the ground. Once you find them, move Brave near it and push the action button and then follow it! A lot of these tracks will lead you to more secret totems, but others will give you good bonuses as well. While moving in the third person, keep an eye on the bottom lefthand corner for a flashing footprint, which indicates that a trackable trail is near by. Also, if vibration is on, it will also provide clues for tracking.

If you get lost or stuck during the game, Grey Bear can help using the stone you get at the start of the game. Whenever the stone starts to glow, that means that Grey Bear has some wisdom to share with you. How often the stone glows will depend on how hard you set the game in the Options. The easier the game, the more often Grey Bear will offer his help and advice.

Defeating the Wendigo

The ultimate baddy of the game is not that tough if you know what you are doing. Once you until the lair of the Wendigo, make your way forward while avoiding the fire balls that the evil spirit hurls at you. Summon the Eagle Spirit and head towards the islands with the blue marks on them.

On each of these islands, there is a piece of the Amulet that you must rebuild in order to beat the Wendigo. In order to collect the piece, however, you will have to fight some Fallen Warriors. This is a great time to use your Spirit Charges if you have any ready, since there really is not any point in saving them for later. After collecting the piece on an island, summon the Eagle Spirit again and go to the next island for their pieces. Once the Amulet is completed, get ready for the big showdown.

As the Eagle, shoot at the Wendigo while dodging the return fire. After a while, the Wendigo will start blasting up hot rocks from the lava. Keep firing at the evil spirit while avoiding damage. If you need to heal, there is an energy orb in the middle of the lair.

Eventually, the Wendigo will begin shooting shockwaves at you and mines from the lava. After another bit, it will use both rocks and mines from the lava and shoot shockwaves. Just keep hitting him with fireballs and recovering energy whenever you need it and eventually you will win!

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