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Survivor 4 Marquesas - Episode 8

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 1 Star Rating

A crazy wind storm knocks down trees and a challenge about chopping down coconuts creates its own storm of controversy. Looks like laziness (Sean) might conquer all on Survivor 4, Marquesas.

Survivor Marquesas, episode 8 is full of twists and turns. A crazy wind storm knocks down trees and a challenge that involved chopping down coconuts creates a storm of controversy and a change in alliances. Looks like laziness (Sean) might conquer all on Survivor 4...



Sean Rector, John Carroll, Vecepia Towery, Neleh Dennis, Paschal English, Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, Tammy Leitner, Zoe Zanidakis and Robert DeCanio.


Reward Challenge:

Soliantu is given sticks, twine and material and told to make the best kites they can. The first person to get their kite up to 300 feet in the air, wins the reward - a SCUBA diving day trip and a giant Snickers bar. Kathy is the only person who gets her kite more than a few feet off the ground. She easily wins the reward and even brings the Snickers bar back to camp to share with the others.


Immunity Challenge:

It's a thinker. Each survivor has a different wooden cube with A, B, C, D, True, False written on different sides. In front of them are trees with color coded coconuts hanging from them. Each tribe member has three sets of coconuts that represents them. Jeff Probst reads them a series of questions in which they guess at the appropriate answer. If they get the question right, the tribe member gets to go up and chop down one set of coconuts that belongs to another tribe member. When a member is completely out of coconuts, they're out of the game. The person who has at least one set of coconuts left at the end, wins immunity.

1 Sean and John's rivalry comes to a head and they go after each others' coconuts. And it's obvious by the way the allies (John, Zoe, Tammy and Robert) cut out the other players (like cold-hearted hitmen) that there is definitely a pecking order that they intend to follow at Tribal Council as well. They knock Sean out first, then Vecepia, then Kathy, then Paschal, then Neleh. Eventually it's between Tammy and Robert and Tammy wins.

1 Paschal, Kathy and Neleh realize that the alliance doesn't really include them and join forces with Sean and Vecepia to vote out the "leader" of Soliantu, John. Hopefully, Tammy is next on their hit list.


High Points:

  • The look on John's face when the votes were being read at Tribal Council and he realized he might be voted out.


    Low Points:

  • The cocky and arrogant way Zoe, John, Tammy and Robert pecked off the others in the Immunity Challenge.
  • Sean's farting issues. Yuck!


    Survivor Saying of the Week:

    "Neleh and Paschal are really supporting my success in this game. Knowing that you can rely on those two people is like having two free passes. This is an amazing experience. It's actually kind of mind blowing." - John Carroll. Actually John, what's mind blowing is what a giant ego-maniac you are. In the words of *NSYNC, bye bye bye!

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