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So You Think You Can Dance 6 Ep. 4

Oct 01, 2009

Season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance made its fifth stop in New Orleans. And like all the other cities the judges have visited, there was no shortage of talent.

Mary’s Rules

This week Mary Murphy provided “Mary’s Rules of What Not to Do” for the contestants.

  • No pulling your hat down over your eyes
  • No reaching out dramatically for something that isn’t there
  • No rubbing your body excessively
  • No male booty shaking.

  • But even with the rules laid out on the line, that didn’t stop many of the contestants from reaching, rubbing, booty shaking and eye-covering.

    Hip-hop Dancers

    Three hip-hop dancers each strutted their stuff on the So You Think You Can Dance stage: Shelby “Skip” Skipper showed off a style of hip-hop that the judges had never seen: the New Orleans Bounce. He impressed them so much, they sent him straight through the Vegas. Two other hip-hoppers weren’t so lucky. Justin Kenney, who was recovering from a serious car accident, and Eric Le Blanc, who was hyped up on 6 Red Bull energy drinks, each made it to choreography. Unfortunately, only Justin Kenney was given a ticket to move on.

    Contemporary Dancers

    A couple of male contemporary dancers really stood out to the judges. Jonathon Litzier’s audition was one of the best auditions that judge Adam Shankman had ever seen. And 18 year old Jakob Kerr earned a scream from Mary Murphy. Each of them were sent straight to Vegas.

    Dancing Through the Pain

    The final contestant, Diana Drexler, found out that her grandfather had passed away the day before her audition. She hoped her sadness would help bring emotion to the piece. While she didn’t impress the judges enough to go straight to Vegas, she earned her ticket during the choreography round.

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