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Survivor 4 Marquesas - Episode 12

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 1 Star Rating

Miss Survivor Marquesas? Check out our recap of episode 12 on Survivor Marquesas. Sean Rector gets booted out!

There are just six days left on the Marquesas island and the tribe is weak beyond belief. Just trying to make it through another day is a big effort, especially for Pappy. The poor old guy is so weak he has to hold onto a tree when he gets up, cuz he's so dizzy, and his vision is blurry. Tensions are higher than Neleh's whiny voice and Kathy is caught between a rock and a hard place. Kathy's clearly the swing vote cuz Neleh and Pappy are cozy peas in a pod who won't vote for each other and Vecepia and Sean are pretty tight too. What's a real-estate agent to do?

1 Soliantu: Sean Rector, Vecepia Towery, Neleh Dennis, Paschal English and Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien.


Reward Challenge:

Like in previous Survivor seasons before Survivor Marquesas, this Reward Challenge combines elements of six challenges the tribe has already had a crack at. First, each Survivor has to build a tiki, then they have to collect coconuts, crack 'em and fill a bamboo shoot with juice. Next they have to find stilts tied to a tree and walk 10 feet (without falling, of course.) After that they have to find another pile of coconuts and crack them open until they find a key that unlocks a chest. Inside the chest there's a slingshot which they'll have to use to crack open the tile on the hourglass-shaped structure to release sand. The first person to cover their tiki with sand wins a brand spankin' new Saturn VUE all-wheel-drive, fully loaded, sport utility vehicle (SUV.) (Okay, the product placement on Survivor is getting to be a bit ridiculous!) Sean leaves his tribe members in the dust as he breezes through the course, including the stilt section, and covers his tiki with the first shot of his slingshot.


Immunity Challenge:

This Immunity Challenge involves listening skills and a bit of running. Jeff Probst tells the tribe an ancient Marquesan tale and they have to answer questions about the story. The questions are located in little booths and the Survivors have multiple choice answers to choose from. When they answer a question correctly they get a mini idol which they attach to a necklace they've been given. The first person to have five idols on their necklace and cross the finish line wins immunity.

Both Kathy and Neleh snag five idols first and burn it towards the finish line. Kathy realizes she's lost an idol on the way and heads back to find it. Neleh thinks she's won when she discovers she lost one of her tikis too. Luckily, Kathy finds hers before the "little princess" and crosses the finish line. Yay! Phew - it looked like Neleh would be untouchable at Tribal Council. Not that it mattered in the end, the tribe chose to kick Sean Rector to the curb!


High Points:

  • Kathy being the "swing vote" added plenty of suspense and excitement.
  • The heated Tribal Council bickering with Sean and Vee against the dynamic duo, Neleh and Paschal.


    Low Points:

  • Pachal giving up and not even making an attempt to win the Reward Challenge.
  • Turning the alliance into a race issue.
  • Sean's pitiful plea for Kathy's Immunity Necklace.
  • Facing another episode (or two) with Neleh... grrr.


    Survivor Saying of the Week:

    "I found my first troca! I caught my first troca today and it's not like I had to throw a fishing line out there or anything, but I caught a few which isn't bad for a brother from uptown, you know."
    ~ Sean Rector, on his big food discovery.

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