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Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party 3 :: Wii Game Review

Reviewed by on Nov 24, 2009
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Two years ago Konami released Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) Hottest Party for Wii. Now it’s time for DDR Hottest Party 3, which promises a bunch of new changes.

Platform(s): Nintendo Wii
Release Date: October 27, 2009
Publisher/Developer: Konami/Konami
ESRB Rating: E 10+

Just over two years ago Konami released the first Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) game for the Nintendo Wii: Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party. DDR Hottest Party 2 was released a year later with some upgrades. Now it’s time for DDR Hottest Party 3, which promises a bunch of new changes – check it out.

Many Modes

DDR Hottest Part 3 has an amazing array of modes to play with, including one that lets you use the Wii Balance Board. Tournament Mode is the game’s story mode, where you have to clear challenges to advance while unlocking songs, stages, characters and Mii parts along the way. Free Play Mode lets you play any of the songs you’ve unlocked and just dance away. In Training Mode you get to practice some moves as well as specific song sections that give you trouble.



Relaxed Mode is the same as Free Play, but only with the two easiest difficulty levels. DDR School is for beginners, as you learn to do basic steps, hand motions and “gimmicks.” Hypermove Mode is the only mode that uses the Wiimote and Numchuk hand motions. Wii Balance Board Mode gets you on the balance board moving just your hips. Workout Mode keeps track of calories burnt while you play and lets you see how one hour of playing DDR equals about 30 minutes of biking or 10 minutes of jogging at 5 mph!



DDR TIP: In DDR Hottest Party 3 you have the ability to unlock everything from DDR Hottest Party 2!

Game Graphics

While we were BLOWN AWAY by the number of modes and the many things you can do in this game, the graphics weren’t really the best. Most of the visuals in DDR Hottest Party 3 look old and tired – kind of the same as they were in Hottest Party 1, except with a few new characters and stages. So, while lots of things have improved since the first version of the game was released, unfortunately, the graphics haven’t.



DDR TIP: Even though DDR Hottest Party 3 lets you add Miis as background dancers, you can’t import your own Miis that you’ve already made. Instead you have to make Miis from a very limited selection of pieces (although you can unlock more).

Sweet Sounds

Most of the songs in DDR Hottest Party 3 have actual videos to go with them rather than just the game graphics. And, with an AMAZING track list this year (NKOTB!), you get to dance to the tunes of the 70s, 80s, 90s and today. There are also tracks from some older DDR Hottest Party games and some new ones made just for the new game!



Video: Game Trailer



Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3 Rating:5

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