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Invader Zim Exclusive Clip

Apr 28, 2010

Who doesn't love crazy, world domination obsessed aliens? Especially when they're cute and green! If you love Invader Zim as much as we do, then check out this Exclusive Clip from the new release of Invader Zim's Seasons 1 and 2!

Invader Zim Season 1Invader Zim Season 1Courtesy of Nickelodeon

Parent Teacher Night Clip

It's parent/teacher night and Dib warns ZIM that if he doesn't show up with real human parents, everyone will know he's an alien. Watch what happens with this and all of ZIM’s tales of Earth infiltration with Seasons 1&2 of INVADER ZIM available on DVD now!


All About Invader Zim Season's 1 and 2

Season 1- Stand back ignorant Earth filth, or be prepared to… get really hurt. The entire first Season of INVADER ZIM is on this 4-disc DVD, ready to infiltrate your weak funny bones with tales of Earth infiltration and ultimately, world domination! Prepare for imminent laughter! Disguised as an earthling child, albeit one with a green complexion that he explains away as a “skin condition,” and accompanied by GIR, his faithful, intelligence-gathering robot who’s camouflaged in a zippered dog suit, INVADER ZIM has come to assume control of Earth and its annoying inhabitants. But alas, a wrench has been tossed into ZIM’s devious plan. A wrench with a name: Dib, a 'pitiful human' obsessed with the paranormal. This abhorrent creature is the only human recognizing ZIM as the potential threat that he is. And Dib will stop at nothing to expose him.

  • 4-Disc Set
  • Runtime: 476 minutes

Season 2- He's INVADER ZIM, sent by the ALMIGHTY TALLEST, leaders of the planet IRK, on a mission of DOOM…This may be ZIM’s last chance to prove himself to his leaders. After all, the vertically-challenged ZIM failed miserably at his first planet invasion attempt because he couldn’t see over the control panels of his vehicle. ZIM hasn’t completed his mission, which is good news for you, Earthling. Because that means you can watch another season of INVADER ZIM! Will ZIM finally succeed on his mission of doom!? Don’t ask. Watch in this 2-disc Season 2 DVD!

  • 2-Disc Set
  • Runtime: 166 minutes

Invader Zim Season 2Invader Zim Season 2Courtesy of Nickelodeon

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