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Mighty Beanz 2010 & Flip Track

Jul 10, 2018

Moose’s Mighty Beanz are cool, collectible toys that kinda look like plastic vitamin pills … except they’re definitely not something you should swallow! First released in 2002, these beany characters move and wobble in crazy, often unpredictable ways – after all, they’re modeled on Mexican Jumping Beans. Now they’re being re-launched in 2010 – and this time around they’ve got some pretty cool accessories to go with them!

Flippin’ Awesome

The Mighty Beanz Flip Track is a cool new way to get even more fun and thrills from the most talked about toy in town. Use the portable Flip Track to play tons of cool games and perform some pretty awesome tricks (the toy comes with a mini instruction booklet that can show you how). Each Flip Track comes with an exclusive bean, an obstacle and, like we said, a track booklet.

Jumpin’ Beanz

Each Mighty Bean is designed to look like a certain character or creature. While many are common, others are “mighty” hard to collect. Some of the rarest, hardest-to-find beanz are:

  • Albino Bean
  • Space Invader Bean
  • Nose Picker Bean
  • Big OG Homie Bean
  • Zit Bean
  • Wizzy Bean, Lizzy Bean and Dizzy Bean

Video: Mighty Beanz Toy Review

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