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Flip's Twisted World :: Tips and Tricks

Jan 19, 2010

If you are looking for the next big challenge after beating [kwlink 10136]Super Mario Galaxy[/kwlink], look no further than Flip's Twisted World! This game has 3D platforming action and some crazy gravity mechanics to boot.

In the game, you play as Flip, who is an apprentice to a wizard called Master Fulcrum. Unfortunately, Flip has yet to learn much magic and is quite bored. One day, while messing around with some forbidden magical objects in the master's room instead of cleaning, Flip gets pulled into a different universe.

There are five worlds to beat, including a lush meadow, freezing glacier, underground caves, booby trap filled temple, and a clockwork tower floating in the sky. Each world has several rooms with floating platforms and Flip needs to collect the Wizard's lost possessions in each world in order to break out of the prism universe that he's in and return home. Magic 101

You start off with the Magical Cube, which is what pulled Flip into the strange universe in the first place. The cube enables Flip to rotate the world 90 degrees in any direction. You do this by first holding the B button and rotating. The arrows will indicate what direction you are rotating in and you confirm the action by releasing the B button.

Aside from being able to rotate the world and change the direction of gravity, Flip will discover additional magical powers as he makes his way through the five different levels. He will acquire things like a freeze spell, an electrifying taser attack, and a spiked mace to beat enemies with.

The game in general is a puzzle platformer, similar to Super Mario Galaxy. You use the A button to jump and shake the Wiimote or Nunchuk to attack. The game is fairly forgiving in terms of checkpoints and healing items, allowing for lots of trial and error.

Make a Magician Move like Mario!

The platforming aspect of the game is quite fun. It is easy when it is just jumping. However, when rotation gets involved, you may find yourself dying a lot. Luckily, the camera in the game is not too bad. You can control it with the D pad on the Wiimote, but that means it is hard to adjust the camera and jump at the same time.

The first important thing is to develop some patience. Take your time to thinking about your moves clearly before rotating the world. If possible, try to plan two rotations at a time, so that you know what you want to do after one rotation. If you need time to think, pause the game using the pause menu or the home button.

Do not move too quickly. Pay attention to the arrows and know what rotation you are doing before letting go of the B button. If you rush too much, you might accidently send Flip off into oblivion. Practice makes perfect. Instead of twisting and rotating your wrist to get the arrows to move the way you want to, learn to get the desired effect with just a flick of the wrist. Being able to rotate the world precisely and quickly will be very helpful when fighting.

Apparently, the game supports the Classic Controller as well. If the motion controls are not agreeing with you in the game, try it out with a different control scheme, but remember to practice! The time trial mode is particularly good for practicing your skills.

Send Your Spellcaster to Smash Someone!

Attacks are done with a shake of the Wiimote and different spells are selected using the Nunchuk's analog stick. The big spiked club in particular is great for dishing out a lot of damage in a short period of time. For example, when fighting against the Giant Flying Dragon boss, you can taunt him while standing at the door to the tower and it will try to ram you and get its head stuck in the door, allowing you to bean him with the heavy mace.

Combat is relatively simple. Unlike with the platforming part of the game, you will not find yourself dying too often in the middle of fights. Take your time to explore every part of every level, there are often health recovery items and other hidden goodies around that can help give you a boost in and between battles.

For The Win!

For the most part, Flip's Twisted World is a game of trial and error. If at first you don't get it or don't succeed, try and try again. Usually, you will be able to see move of the level on the screen and should be able to figure out how to rotate the world so that Flip can move safely to the exit.

And if you managed to beat the game, there are still a few side quests, achievements, as well as new costume and bonus items to collect.

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