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Separated at Birth - Brendan Fehr & David Duchovny

Sep 18, 2017

They say that everyone out there has a twin. Do ya ever see a celebrity and think you know who it is, then you realize it's a totally different celeb who looks the same? Check out these celebs who look like they could have the same mom then who you think looks like they've been Separated at Birth.

Roswell cutie Brendan Fehr looks like he could be a human-hybrid clone of David Duchovny from The X-Files. Both actors shared more than starring roles on sci-fi shows - they both have sexy squinted eyes and a similar shaped mouth. The spiky hair makes 'em look even more alike. Do we have a match or should we start from scratch?

Separated at Birth - David Duchovny (left) and Brendan Fehr (right)Separated at Birth - David Duchovny (left) and Brendan Fehr (right)

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