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The Script :: Danny O'Donoghue Interview

Jul 10, 2018

The Script is hard at work on a new album, but lead singer Danny O’Donoghue took a quick break to chat with Kidzworld about his experience meeting Paul McCartney, the band’s love of FIFA 09, and how he and The Script overcame some dark times.

Dark Times

The guys of The Script have had it rough the past few years. Danny’s dad passed away suddenly right around the time the band was recording their album and Mark’s mother became terminally ill. Still, despite the hardships, The Script tries to stay positive. “I guess you begin to dig a little deeper when it comes to your lyrics and what you want to say,” Danny says. “That time was very emotional. The End Where I Begin came out of that period. [It’s] all about the rebirth of a soul in the darkest time of your life.”

Opening For U2 + Paul McCartney

The Script headlined their own tour last summer, but the Irish boys took some time out to open for another Dublin band—U2! The Script also got the chance to open for the man himself, Sir Paul McCartney!

“I still have to stop in the middle of doing things to take a breath and say to myself, you supported Paul McCartney, a Beatle—I mean, can you believe it?” gushed Danny. “And to top it all off,” he adds, “[Paul McCartney] was even cooler in person than I had heard he was going to be.”

The Script In 2010

The Script is hard at work on a new album and although there’s no set release date, Danny promises that “it’s going to be more of The Script.” That means “we will still be honestly us, but with new topics from our lives.” Danny says, “we love and are very proud of our first album and want to grow, but not completely change like other bands tend to do.” What will they be doing in the mean time? Well, with Where I Begin chosen for the soundtrack to FIFA 09, you can bet the guys will be playing some video games. “We love it,” Danny says. “It has been the staple diet of our tour bus for the whole year—feuds have been settled on it and everything.”

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