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Jaicko Bio

Jul 10, 2018

Jaicko knew from a pretty young age that music was his thing. Born on the island of Barbados, this “rebel” of sorts is now building up a big name for himself in the United States – and loving every minute of it.

Rebel With A Cause

“When I started to grow my hair and I got expelled from school, I knew that music was going to be my future. I thought ‘This is what I have to do now’ because I just sacrificed my education. School in Barbados is very different than in the United States because we were a British colony; you wear a uniform, your hair has to be a certain length. When I stepped out to do this that’s when I started to take music really seriously. I knew my hair would be a big part of my image. I knew there was no going back.”

It’s a pretty cool story – one many kids will be able to relate to. Then again, 18-year-old Jaicko has always been the author of his own destiny. Though he’s matter-of-fact about his upcoming album, this is an artist with a lot to say. In fact, the native of Barbados is very much a reflection of the classic American story: an immigrant who comes to our shores armed only with the best intents and an idea he believes in. The plan: “Caribbean-infused music: it’s a bit of Barbados brought to America. Music fans will want to listen to me all day. Caribbean fans will want to listen to me all day.”

In fact, that’s exactly what makes Jaicko different than the current wave of teenybopper talents: he writes and produces much of his own music. He and his father Phillip Forrester, also a musician in Barbados, make an amazing songwriting duo. “My dad has always been a good friend, and a creative partner, so it’s never really been difficult to work as a father and son team. We write a lot of our songs together; most of the songs that got me my deal were songs we wrote and produced.”

Barbados Boy

Under his dad’s watchful eye, Jaicko’s been performing on stage since the tender age of nine and recording in studios since age 10. “Around that time I was actually rapping. I always knew I could sing but I never took it seriously. Back then, if you were a rapper, you couldn’t be a singer. That’s changing now though.”

Jaicko first stepped onto the stage at a club called the Ship In, one of many establishments lining the famed St. Lawrence Gap, a hub of Barbadian culture and nightlife. Response was instant. Jaicko went on to cut an independent album that sold 6,000 copies island-wide – a good number, consider the population of Barbados is under 300,000 people. Jaicko scaled the nation’s two Top 40 radio stations, sandwiched between Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z. He opened for Ne-Yo during his tour stop in Barbados and was nominated for numerous Barbados Music Awards, often pitted in the same category as breakout Barbadian Rihanna. In fact, Jaicko says Rihanna’s success in the global music industry made him believe more that he could do it, too. "It removed whatever doubt was there."

The Album: Can I

Jaicko first introduced his Carribean-infused, soulful sound on his breakout track, Oh Yeah, and now he's serving it up on his new single Fast Forward (FFWD). Both tracks will appear on his major label debut, Can I, due out this summer featuring Beyonce, Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Mary J. Blige, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and many more music heavyweights.

From his music to his funky, quirky fashion sense complete with halo of hair, to his pure heart and warm sensibilities, Jaicko is the new fresh face of today. “My lane is wide open. This is something that I have been trying to do for years, to break out internationally. I built a fan base back in Barbados so it’s a good feeling to take to the States and the rest of the world now.” Soon, the rest of the world will know that very good feeling, too.”

Lyrics Video: Fast Forward (FFWWD)

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