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America's Got Talent Season 5 Episode 3 Recap

Jun 07, 2010

America’s Got Talent Season 5 continued their search for extraordinary talent in New York City. It was no surprise that the Big Apple was jam-packed with talent. So what did the competitors do to stand out?

Fighting Gravity

The show opened dramatically with Fighting Gravity, a group of fraternity brothers who dream of headlining on the Las Vegas Strip. And they’ve certainly found a unique and worthy talent. Using black lights, white outfits and green glow-in-the-dark balls, they created the illusion that they were floating. Three guys acted as puppets controlled by one puppet master. Fighting Gravity is definitely a fitting name!

Prince Poppycock

The next talented contestant surprised everyone. John, a 32 year old store clerk, arrived in an elaborate 18th century costume ---everything from a white, curly wig to thick face paint. He called himself “Prince Poppycock,” leaving the judges a little skeptical. But the minute he began singing “Figaro,” the audience was on their feet and the judges threw their doubt out the window!

Straight to Las Vegas

A few more talents were sent to Vegas, including “Peek-a-Boo Verue,” a burlesque dance group; a man who played four harmonicas at once; “The Danger Committee” who juggled knives; and a fire illusionist.

Stand-up Comic

The last contestant to reach Vegas got a hard time from the crowd. He was a stand-up comic, and the audience tried to boo him off the stage right away. But he stood up to the audience, staying strong and quick-witted. The judges appreciated that and sent him to Las Vegas!

The Not-so-Talented

Of course, there were also the ridiculous and forgettable talents: a father and son duet, a speed eater, teenage wannabe rappers, and a variety of other tone-deaf singers. But let’s stay focused on the truly talented, shall we?

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