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PaRappa the Rapper :: PSP Game Review

Reviewed by on Jul 16, 2007
Rating: 5 Star Rating

The rappin PaRappas Playstation game is going on the road with PaRappa the Rapper for PSP! Does this dog have bite? Find out with Gary’s review.

PaRappa's a rapping dog from a 10 year-old Playstation game. What's his story and what's he doing on the PSP? Hangin' with his friends and trying to impress his dream girl, Sunny Funny, with his rapping lyrics and cool moves! PaRappa was a classic and now he's on the Playstation Portable so you can take the retro game anywhere. Vut has this puppy gone to the dogs or is he still fresh and funky? Here's the 411 with Gary's PaRappa game review.

Old Skool Rapping and Rhyming

In one of the first rhythm games ever, PaRappa challenges you to rap along with a bunch of Rap Masters by tapping buttons with the beat. Keep the beat strong and you pass the level, lose your rhythm and it's game over. The new PSP game is a copy of the original PaRappa but with a bunch of extra multiplayer options to keep the fun going for more than the six levels.

Raps that Rock

One of the coolest things about PaRappa is that the puppy and his crew are a bunch of 2D characters in a 3D world, who move like they're 3D with their flat arms and legs twisting as they dance! It's weird but the cartoony style of the game makes it work. The best part of the game is the music, though. All the Rap Master bosses have style, substance and attitude - all without cussing! The raps will make you grin and tap your toes as you play along, and the ability to have multiplayer rap-offs with your friends, download remixes, or to share the first level with a friend really rock.

Small Dog, Small Game

Six levels people! Six! And they aren't even long. You get more than that from online games. You can do all kinds of extra stuff, but the multiplayer modes won't go online, so you need a friend with a copy to really get your PaRappa groove on.

Rap Legend or Bad Doggy?

He's not just cute, he's a lot of fun! PaRappa's game is a classic cuz it's fun to play and it's still awesome on the PSP. The game only has six levels, so it's a bit short, but the low price and multiplayer options help make it worth your while. Dig this dog and you won't regret it!

Thumbs Up:

  • PaRappa is one cool dog.
  • Fun raps make the levels a hoot.
  • Multiplayer plus sharing with a friend = more fun!
  • Only $30 US.
  • Thumbs Down:

  • Six levels. That's it!
  • Multiplayer modes don't go online.
  • Game Rating: 5

    Available for: PSP.

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